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What should be improved or added to GR: Future Soldier 2?

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So i was doing some web surfing when came across a rumour about gr:fs 2. I looked into it but i didn't find much about at this point. i hope that its true and that it in development. Anyways i was wondering what would be some much need improvements they could make to it. it would be real kickass if they made it so you could sprint with with your camo activated. an improvement i would hope they do would be to jus add guerilla mode to mutliplayer and allowed up to 10 ppl in a single squad party. My clan has quite the number and it would be great if we all could join a match instead of selecting who should be in the squad. Another would be allow players to picked their own sides in multiplayer. (i hate when they switch me to the opposing team rite when the counter gets to one.)

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Instant-refund feature on the main menu.

No to be serious I think they need to stop trying to copy other modern first person shooters and go back to what made ghostrecon and, yeah maybe the advanced warfighter games too. Drop the third person view, make the game open like its predecessors, and actually make the game work out of the box without having to patch eight times. That would be a good start.

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Im gonna kinda agree with blame.

- Make the MP more like Ghost Recon Online but better. I really enjoy that MP side of this future soldier stuff.

- Give the option for either 1st of 3rd person. I liked this game a lot in 3rd person actually, but 1st person is still fun.

- More stealth please.

Want to add: Keep Guerrilla mode but give us the options to pick our load outs and just have ammo drops or something.

Add more guns. Games could always use more guns. lol.

Ill think of more things, but for now that is all.

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personally, shoot me for saying it, but i think there should be more of a choice when it comes to play style in the campaign, i personally didn't like the way they did the whole stealth thing with GR:FS, because while the joint firing was great, there were times where it annoyed the living hell out of me, i want the ability, like in OFP dragon rising, to be able to get through a "stealth" mission without firing a single shot and i want the consequences to be felt more than they are if i'm not stealthy.

firefly rain is probably the perfect example of where this would have worked. i don't want the mission to immediately fail if i alert the enemy, I want them to be alerted and respond to it as they would do, and then I also have to respond accordingly as a preventative measure.

no health regen should be brought back, I thought GRFS was inconsistent in the way that the one shot can kill rule was abolished.

I would like it if there was more character customization and game types in MP as well as matchmaking and split screen co op in campaign.

and different servers for different playing skills/levels, i think being dumped in the deep end as a level 1, against level 48's is ridiculous.

mod support, preferably with a good editor

should work out of the box

the cloaks should have an on/off feature, and should have better logic, walking while standing up, will turn the cloak off but running like the wind while crouching, it will stay on, it's meant to switch off if you move too fast... riiiiight....

optimized to the extreme!

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Bring back more squad commands than just tagging, cut out the cinematic garbage (specifically diamond formation and chopper gunner sequences), remove single-player weapon unlocks that require specific, difficult to perform actions.

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on petsfed's point, the cinematic scenes were SO unnecessarily repetitive when it came to opening a door or something! i just want to open a door, and carry on i don't need all the prissy crap in between thank you!

and i also agree with removing single player weapon unlocks, i think it's stupid, it wouldn't happen like that in real life, you'd just pick the damn thing up!

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Well, I don't mind weapon unlocks, since its the only way to introduce replay value for us single-player-only types, its just that it can be pretty frustrating when those unlocks are only really possible for mortals if they engage in online play. If I wanted to interact with other people, I wouldn't be in my house, alone, playing on the computer.

As far as the door opening animations, I'd love it if, instead of fixed animations, we actually did have to watch our firelanes, and put enemies on the other side of the door so the guy pointing a gun underneath actually has something to shoot at. What I was referring to is specifically the "diamond-formation" sequences that are simply on-rails. Its no different from other turret sequences, and its boring, unrealistic, and often frustratingly imbalanced.

I'd love to see weapon paint actually mattering based on surroundings, so that uniform camoflague would provide some concealment alongside the predator-style camo.

I don't know that GRFS is bad per se, just that, like all but the original GR, it buries authentically good ideas under a mountain of "features" that allow the developers more narrative control but rob the player of agency.

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Open map, like the old games.

No rails and no cinematics.

That diamond formation is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on a Tom Clancy's game.

And I hope to see some day a game that puts together Ghost Recon team vs Rainbow Six team for single and multiplayer purposes. That would be better than fighting generic Russian commandos.

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it's like your call of duty helicopter shooting cinematic only you have been placed into a diamond formation to protect a VIP.

you have no control over your movement, only where you aim and fire your weapon. very annoying.


I would also like to highlight a trivial but VERY annoying problem with future soldier, that i don't want to see in FS2 if FS2 is going ahead.

the main screen will tell you to press start, only to tell you for the second time in a row on another screen, to press start!

bit odd...

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