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Now that our clan is adopting GRAW as a game I am interested in modding it again. I've read the most basic tutorials and just now exported my first test map. If I need any help testing it in game I'll post here, but right now I just wanted to ask if there are any special things I need to know or do before scripting missions for GRAW.

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My Domination mode level showed up fine and I ran through it without any problems. Now I'm trying to do the most basic of scripting, following this tutorial by GRIN:

How to make ogr coop levels for GRAW

I've followed the tutorial exactly (as far as I can tell) and I get this crash when loading it up in OGR Co-op mode:

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: _elements_vector in type <void>


data\levels\custom_levels\tos test\tos test.dsf(27)

I'm sure the problem will be obvious to the more experienced GRAW modders. Here is my script:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!-- World -->
<load_scene file="/data/levels/custom_levels/TOS Test/TOS Test.diesel" use_lightset="true" materials="/data/levels/custom_levels/TOS Test/materials.xml">
<object name="world_bb" hidden="true"/>
<object name="room01" hidden="true"/>
<object name="Plane01" hidden="true"/>
<global_ambient color="60 60 40"/>
<load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/normal_lens.diesel">
<object name="normal_lens" hidden="true"/>
<load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/zoom_lens.diesel">
<object name="zoom_lens" hidden="true"/>
<xi:include href="/data/levels/common/common.xml#xpointer(/common/*)"/>
<area_group name="lolleractivate2" area_name="lolleractivate2" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/>
<user name="user" type="once">
<trigger type="UnitInArea" area="lolleractivate2"/>
<event name="activate_lollers"/>
<event name="start_game">
<element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="lollerskater" start_time="2"/>
<element type="UnitInArea" area="lolleractivate2" state="activate" start_time="3"/>
<event name=”activate_lollers”>
<element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="lollerskater2" start_time="2"/>
<element type="UnitInArea" area="lolleractivate2" state="deactivate" start_time="3"/>
<player name="player1" mod_name="OnFoot">
<spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player1"/>
<player name="player2" mod_name="OnFoot">
<spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player2"/>
<player name="player3" mod_name="OnFoot">
<spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player3"/>
<player name="player4" mod_name="OnFoot">
<spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player4"/>
<gametype_info name="enemies_to_kill" value="65"/>
<!--<xi:include href="/data/levels/merge_xml/common_spawn.xml#xpointer(/to_include/spawn/*)"/> -->
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very sorry i'm not of much help with your scripting problem, as i'm not able to try it out myself as i'm not on my desktop but this: <area_group name="lolleractivate2" area_name="lolleractivate2" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/>

did you name the variables here?

review the scripts again compared to the GRIN one it could be a case of missing parentheses,or grammar or something really ridiculous that you can easily miss, python does this to me all the time in college.

walk through it step by step, read it letter by letter just to be sure everything is OK guide-wise

I'm available to test and help out with if need be ;)

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Okay, thanks. I did find one problem -- I hadn't set the Group ID for the 'lollerskater' team in the editor -- but even after fixing that issue it still crashes. I bet I just missed another small detail like that so I'll keep reviewing it until I figure it out.

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just flew over it and seen 2 mistakes.


compare the quotation marks from start_game and activate_lollers

start_game is ok but activate_lollers has wrong quotation marks.


the --> after the activate_lollers event needs to go.

and just by the way, you should name your user, if the script gets bigger it will help to navigate.

also you should use some good text editor like notepad++ you would see the 2 mistakes in there strait away.

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