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Ghost Recon: Sound Upgrade (05/01/13) 1.0b (BETA)
This mod attempts to increase the overall sound immersion from the player POV. The initial focus for this
mod was to add some equipment rattle to the soldiers as they move throughout the environment. Though, I've had some snags getting this effect to work exactly as I wanted, i've came out with some pretty good results here. This addon also improves upon other sounds from within the game and will serve as a base for a complete sound overhaul.
What this mod does right now:
Adds gear rattle to the footsteps & other movements such as stance & prone. This is similar to the sound found in later Ghost Recon titles. It also makes some slight improvements or adjustments to various other sound effects throughout the game such as the weapon reload and equipment change.
What this mod will not do:
This mod will not drastically alter or change the entire sound scope of the game. It will try to
keep within the original theme as best as possible. I look at this mod as a standard upgrade to the stock sounds focusing on things that RSE didn't have time to fix or add.
None known so far: I've played through 12 Recon missions through all the environments to test the sound improvements and I really enjoy this mod.
1. Place the "Player Sound Upgrade" folder into your Ghost Recon\Mods folder.
2. Active the mod and make sure it is set at the highest priority (Down at the bottom). If this mod is set below DS\IT\FB or any other total conversion in priority, many sound improvments will not be heard.
If you like this mod or the idea of it, provide me with some opinions so I know how to go forward with this. I'm willing to improve it even further with your help.
Download Link:
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Anyone had the chance to try this mod yet? Some feedback, even negative, would be appreciated. I've probably played about 30 hours or so with this mod now with just a very limited number of other people. I've taken notes from their suggestions and most of them are just things they want me to add. However, it seems the general consensus is that everything is about right in terms of volume except for the grass. (I'm using the default volume on everything as it is though, I haven't changed anything in that regard. The footstep sound is the stock one that comes with GR - the only difference is the mix of the equip sounds within them)

So, at this point, I'm going to do the grass sound again (Leaving the footstep sound at the same volume, but upping the equipment rattle sound by 10-20% or so) and then move on to the other parts of this mod that I want to focus on, like enhancing many of the environment sounds to remove that low-quality 'hiss' on some of the stock sounds and to decrease the repetitiveness of some of the environment entities such as some of the bird sounds and dog barks -all while making sure it still sounds like vanilla GR as close as possible.

But, anyway, that's where I'm at on this. So, please, if you've tried this and have some criticisms or anything...drop a line. If there's no interest for this mod here, I'll just work on it privately.

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I gave this a try after testing it out I played each indivdual sound in wmp and all I can really say about it is its good. I don't think it makes a huge impact on the game but I would say its an upgrade.

I should note I downloaded this a while back so I have not had to deal with any download problems.

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