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Music to Ambient

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I downloaded some royalty free music loops for use in Tinker's Rested map with the hotel. I want to place them as ambient sound effects in the pool area, arcade room, etc. However when I downloaded them they were in 1411kbps format. Obviously they won't play as ambient sounds unless they are 352kbps. Simple, right? Just convert them to 352kbps. But when I do, they crash the sound editor. It seems any time I convert a sound file it corrupts it (at least in IGOR's eyes) although it still plays normally in Windows Media Player. Any ideas?

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Im trying to remember off the top of my head here so bear with me. The format can vary but i never figured out why. IT I think added improved sound quality which added 44khz and stereo support.

The most common file formate should work though

Try this....


16 bit ( not 32bit )


Mono or stereo

You can use audacity to change the format.

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In your mods effects.xml are you adding the ambient part at the end of the entry?

Note the bolded in this example:

<Entry Filename = "a_blackbird.wav" Length = "2.363" Min = "1.500" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "60" Ambient = "1"/>

If you have added the ambient bit and it still crashes the sound editor check for syntax errors.

Not sure but Igor may write to the ike.log so check it for clues.

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