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Editor Keeps Crashing - In Need Of Help!

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Kind people of the Ghost Recon forums,

I am experiencing a strange thing...

A while ago I was working on my mission and saved all my changes. I opened up the world.xml and in there I also made some changes (after I closed the editor). This has never given me any problems at all, as when you open the editor afterwards, the changes made in the world.xml work. Anyway...they used to.

Suddenly something has happened and I cannot explain it. When I open the editor and I go to the Locations layer, the editor will spontaneously crash. First I thought I might have made an error somewhere and the information from the world.xml did not (somehow) correspond with pieces of script in the mission.xml.

I continued removing all locations that (at that time) did not do anything or were no longer needed. I also removed all AI and vehicles that were, in some way or another, connected to these locations (location triggers heli with AI inside --> removed location, vehicle and AI).

After making sure I removed everything that could remotely cause this error I fired up the editor again...I selected the Locations layer and it crashed again.

For testing purposes I also fired up one of my older missions (based on a completely different map and no changes made to either the mission.xml or world.xml). That too crashed!!

I would think the error is somewhere in the editor itself, but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong?! No changes were made to the 'core' files. I also re-installed the game, but that did not fix things!?!?!?

Can anyone help with this? Ever experienced this? Any clues on where to look?

Help is much appreciated!!



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I'm not positive but I think Igor will write to the ike.log. Replicate the crash in igor and check the ike.log.

The IkeCrash.log is never any value to me.

Ignore the lines containing ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb and lighthalo_effect3.rsb as the ike.log always contains them.

If a clue is present it will be in the last few lines of the ike.log.

Does the game itself work? It could be a syntax error in the mission file or if you have edited a .gun or actor file too.

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Thanks for giving this some thought...

Right now I am working on my laptop, so I can't check, but you mention IGOR, but this is a problem I am having with GR:AW2. Not sure if you are mistaken about the game or that you call that editor IGOR too :)

The game itself works fine, but the mission I am working on will not load the latest saved version. Somehow it looks at a different world.xml?! :(

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Thanks for giving this some thought, but it is not the location of the files that is giving me troubles. I have all the files in the correct folders. Everything worked just fine untill recently...

It's the editor that is giving me grief. It crashes as soon as I select the Location Layer. At first I thought it might have something to do with the mission I was working on and I removed some elements from my mission, but the crash happens with all other of my missions (ones that I am working on) too and it even crashes when I simply start up a blank world in the editor. As soon as I click the Location Layer *POOF*...crashed.

I even re-installed the game, but it keeps happening... :(

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Ok...update! The problem has been fixed! :yes:

JohnTC02 suggested to clean out the complete User folder (Appdata etc.) and re-install the game (again), so it has a 'fresh' install. After installing the game a moved all my files back into the User folder and all is fine now.

I have no idea what caused this problem to begin with. After all, I only moved my User folder, installed the game again and moved all files back to where they were all the time. Anyhow...this seemed to work and that's what counts I guess.

Thanks John! Much appreciated! :P

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There are quite a few files stored in the User folder, these can become corrupted but are not removed when the game is reinstalled.

When you have problems it's always best to clean out everything from your User folder before reinstalling, keep a backup then replace your save games and user profiles.

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