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OGN Weapons Mod

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Hi Dunshire, Welcome to the forum,

Well reading through the posts that were made here about V1 and V2 they were never released on the GR.net site ? Both threads contain links to other forums or sites to down load the mod, both of which no longer exist.

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//--Thank you for taking the time to download The -=OGN=- Exclusive Weapons Mod.--//

This MOD is for public consumption. At OGN we strive to move the GR:AW Community forward and enhance the game. Therefor This MOD is freely distributable to any and all. If you can hack or improve this MOD in anyway feel free to use any or all of it in your project all we ask is that you give us credit for the work we did and leave this README in your bundle... Oh yeah! Invite us to play on your server so we can enjoy your MOD as well.

The OnlineGamersNetwork is a community of gamers, designed by gamers, for gamers.

Our motto; "It's better to play as a group...then to play with yourself." pretty much says it all.

Our mission is to bring gamers together in a fun and coopertive enviornment to play a multitude of online games.

No matter who your clan, or what your game is you are welcome with us. OGN is currently very active in GR:AW <-=OGN=- Recon Team> and Guild Wars <Tyrian Alliance> Both are public Clans/GUilds and all are welcome.

Starting this week we will also be running the -=OGN=- Vanilla, and the -=OGN=- Modded Public GR:AW servers. Both servers will feature Maps created by Ministry-ASN, Evil Ducky, and RavenousNC, all friends and members of the -=OGN=- Community. The -=OGN=-Modded Server

will also be running this mod built by Aussiereg-=OGN=- (Features listed below)

//------------------------Added and Enhanced weapons and features-----------------------//


Sniper Rifle:

Modified Bolt Action M99 .50cal Sniper Rifle to be Semi auto with 10 round magazine.

Added 7.62x45 SCAR Sniper Single shot with 15 round Magazine and added the US Optics SN-3 scope option.

Assault Rifles:

SCAR H: Slightly Modified the physics and added 3 round burst, added the US Optics SN-3 scope option.

MRC 45: Added the MRC .45 ACP as a primary weapon

Squad Automatic Weapon:

MK48: Narrowed Bullet Spread and increased hit physics ever so slightly.

Secondary Weapons:

Added M8 Carbine as secondary, Aimpoint option, slightly increased physics.

Added MRC 9mm as secondary in place of 5mm

Slightly increased accuracy of MP5.

Replaced ZUES with Preditor Rocket (Name change only)


Slightly Decreased the weapons weight, and Slightly Increased the Ghost carrying capacity so that you may carry

The Preditor with virtually any loadout. Changed text phrases throughout the game. If you install the OPTIONAL GUI Folder you get an improved compass. Slightly increased blood spray from hit AI.

//----------------------AI Enhancement------------------------------//

The Ai has been modified to be slightly dumb. By this we mean the AI no longer comes around a corner firing at you, now they actually have to see you in order to fire, and they no longer fire from there ass while running by you with there backs turned.


Custom black skins have been added, they sport the ASSASINS Patch, if you do not want these skins just remove Textures folder and keep the originals.

This Mod was designed by the -=OGN=- Recon Team to fight in maps with a high volume of AI running on Hardcore with limited deaths. It was completely scripted by Aussiereg-=OGN=-. Although this mod can be run on any server that does not have anticheat enabled, if everyone else is not running it, you would have an unfair advantage over others and that would be cheating. Please....Use the mod responsibly, and only on a server that is running the MOD I.E -=OGN=-Modded or on your own server that is CLEARLY marked as being Modded.

We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to join us at the OGN Public Teamspeak located at

You can find the TS rules in the OGN Forums located at http://graw.onlinegamersnetwork.com or www.onlinegamersnetwork.com

Thanks to all of the Following:

Aussiereg-=OGN=- A fantastic modder, a good friend, and all around good guy

Ministry-ASN For making the maps that require this MOD. This guy is a mapping MACHINE and one of, if not, the best mappers in GR:AW.

JasonFMX For giving us modding help and ideas when we needed them.

The entire -=OGN=- Recon Team for there efforts in Testing and Development.

The -=OGN=- Recon Team is:














And finally Props to all of the others that come and join us on a regular basis for good times and good games.

The OnlineGamersNetwork "It's better to play as a group...Than to play with yourself."

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Its hard to believe that this topic is here this month.. Haha, the names bring back some memories from a while ago. I Had to double check the date of the start of this topic.. =P

oh man, you can say that again....and hey...where the F is my name?! lol

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