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Just thought i'd have another crack at a V2 of the old Sininen Interface featured in Project Novo (no hint of things to come.. honest!)

anyhow, I've done away with the gradients, quadrupled the resolution, and made it a little tidier, not to mention changed the old and shabby stand/crouch/lie icons (at last!)

screenie of current progress.


I'll need someone to give it a go on a higher resolution later.

and I know it has a few blemishes and the old threat indicator (the new one didn't got to plan) but you get the idea. and i know a new interface is the last thing you guys need, but hey It might get used somewhere :P

Lemmie know whatcha think!

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By all means feel free to use it I'll just put in a new threat indicator and upload later today. It will be going straight on the SiC thread the second it's completed. ;)

I shall change the A to a normal bold one. I think you are right, it looks a little out of place when everything else is normal.

There will be a couple of settings changes needed to have this work best I think, not sure, I'll have a gander the next time the PC wants to randomly switch itself on again in the middle of the night >_>

Anyhow, I'll check in later ;)

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Very nice, as Wombat said, I like the stance icon. Also, about the 'A', I can agree with what Fletcher said, but I personally think you should let it "lay" there. It just looks better in italics, and I think it represent that "this is something special, this is not health or stance, whatever" if you get me.

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