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More useful Command Maps?

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Got me thinking. Below is a stock command map.


This is what Igor spits out if you load a map and then go to tools/build command map.

It has height information in the form of shading. Lighter is higher; darker is lower elevation.

I think contour lines could be drawn from it but in my opinion this would cause confusion for the lion share of players.


I took the above and added it to the below as a new layer. Initially it was much larger then the original so I resized it by 50 percent which worked well in this case. I also had to flip it vertically. Aligned the new layer with the original and used linear light as the blend mode. I fiddled with the opacity and may have adjusted the levels. Used the dodge tool to brighten the roads as the darker shading obscured them in places.


I'm sure it could be refined. Anyways my 2 cents.

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