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Sound Volume Editor Crashing.....

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Last night I added a sound into Ghost Recon with no trouble. Now when I put a new sound file into my Mod/Sound folder, it crashes IGOR when I select that folder in the Sound Volume Editor. All formats are correct, and I got the sound to work ONCE then it started crashing again.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Also, if I leave the default mod in IGOR as Mp2 (Island Thunder) the sound volume editor works just fine.....it's only when it is pointed to my mod's sound folder that the problems start.

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That didn't work, but I did figure it out.

I would convert the sound from .ogg to .wav format. Then I would edit it in Audacity and save it. Then I would convert it again. It seems that double conversion messed up the file as far as IGOR was concerned so after I stopped double-converting the file it worked.


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