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I don't know what I did, but the AI are coming alive. This one German soldier CRAWLED around a wall while I thought I had him pinned and came up behind me. Another one ran through the ruins and kept shooting at me from different places to throw me off. Another one sneaked into the tower I had just entered and tried to take me out from behind.

I've created a monster!

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Operation "Bear's Power" are soon to be finished. Instead of choosing a platoon of soldiers, the players will have to only choose one (1) character to play as, and he will need to follow ally AI. And this ally AI is not what you will expect; they are beasts! Bear's Power will feature Overt Direct Action against a large Italian force. Briefing sneak-peek comings soon! Stay tuned!

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Hey Riley Ive been gone a long time but I'm very interested in your project.

The community seems a little dead right now and that has to be expected with such an old game.

But I'm sure things will pick up again sooner or later ;)

Ive had some hard times as of late thus why I have not posted in a while and I'm trying to get my ofp project finished before moving back to gr.

I have however been checking in regularly and have looked over this thread many times. And you can bet your ass I'm looking forward to playing this ;)

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The European nations are suffering from a drastic and ongoing drought that has destroyed crops and natural resources, leading to the collapse of the economy of many countries. With advanced agricultural technology, Germany and Italy were able to withstand the effects of the drought. In a show of generosity, the two well-faring countries offered the troubled nations the Wohlwollen Programm. This "benevolence program" would fund the needy countries and offer citizens the opportunity to serve in "The Fellowship". This organization promised to train them for military and community service, but the true purpose of the program was to brainwash and build an invincible army. Many surrounding nations hastily accepted the offer and thousands of citizens, weary of starvation and the lack of basic necessities, readily enlisted in The Fellowship, swelling the ranks of the already massive German and Italian armies.

A year later, the indoctrinated recruits willingly assisted in assaults on nearby countries who were not a part of the Wohlwollen Programm. The world has awoken to the shocking realization that the Axis powers are making their third bid for world dominion. Military forces from the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom have already been thrust into action, and World War III has begun.

While the battles rage on across Europe, a team of elite soldiers is deployed in an effort to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Allies. This unique division of the United States Covert Operations Program is made up of the best from military forces around the world.

These volunteers are only needed in the direst of situations -- which means that now is the time for the Tactical Operations Squad to go into action.

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