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Non-concealment Foliage

Doc. Caliban

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We were about 1/3 of the way into a mission on a map that we'd never played when we realized why the mission was so tough: Other than actual trees, none of the foliage provided concealment from the enemy.

And it is a jungle map, so there are tons of plants. When you look at them with binoculars, you can see the range right through them as opposed to being stopped short as normal, so therefore it does not actually hide you from the enemy ... they don't actually "see" the bush at all. They just see you squatting there in the open like an idiot. :-)

Then they shoot you.

To make it worse, the bushes work perfectly fine for concealing the enemy from us!

So how the did the (otherwise pretty awesome) map end up like that? Is there any way to change it?


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Was it the Cartel map from the Traffic Mod? On it the foliage was incorrectly tagged by the map maker.

That is the theory anyways. I guess it would be an easy fix with the 3DSM files for the map. Others have tried to change it without the Max files but no luck.

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Ah, bummer. Not sure where it originated, but we played it as part of the Clear and Present Danger 2 mod. Has a little church in the north, a cluster of houses in the middle, and a river. It's a great map.

Any way to reach the author to ask for the files or if he/she would be willing to make the change?

- Doc

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Teppe is correct.

The author was Tof. Been awhile but I think his email is in the readme for Traffic Columbia.


He replied to my email but that has been 5-6 years ago.

I think the guys at Alpha Squad tried to fix it without success.

Zeta 18 and 19 are both by Tof.

I have never played this Mod. Any issues playing it online with friends other then what you noted?

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Yes, those are Tof's jungle maps, which are really beautiful except for that little technical glitch. Tried to fix the foliage problem myself in the past, but no luck. The maps are still great for multiplayer, and in missions there are ways to limit the impact of the glitch.

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