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creation process - video inside


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The Creation Process

This is just a mini overview of how I would create levels for GR. If you are interested in modding for the game still or maybe you want to get into it. I will answer any questions you have.


I have found a rather fun and quick way to create levels for ghostrecon and thought I would share it with you. This method is quite easy and makes the GR level creation process a little less painfull.

You start by using a newer version of 3d studio max (2011, 2012, 2013). The newer versions allow you to make things much easier and faster. The secret though is by using a feature called "viewport canvas" (under the tools menu). Keep in mind you have to export a GR map from 3D Studio Max version 5.0.

1. Model your terrain/primary buildings (using an appropriate scale)

2. UVW Map them (repeating textures will be harder to paint)

3. Texture them using viewportcanvas. (switch between photoshop and max for even better results)

4. Add in smaller props (uvwmap, and paint them aswell)

This small piece of a level took just over an hour.


This is where the fun stops. At this point your level should be mostly modeled and ready to be rigged up for the game engine. I won't cover the exact process of creating the rest but will give you an idea of what remains and needs to be done.

5. Export all mesh to .3ds and reimport mesh into 3dsm5

6. Save all texture files as .rsb files

7. Create a new level scene in 3dsm5 to include sherman levels

8. Import all mesh (apply textures) and weld verticies together on each object.

9. Setup the terrain blend texture map.

9. Rig/add all game assets (doors, portals, trees, rooms, glass, border boundries, etc...)

10. Export raw level (setup your map in GR folders as well)

*note* this is a good time to test in game and find errors in the level.

11. Light raw level with RSE lighting tool

12. Test in game.

13. Create command map and briefing screens.


It is still a long process but can be very enjoyable and quicker then using older versions of 3dsm. If you still have any questions or maybe don't understand something I said. Leave me a comment on this thread. Good luck with your own creations!


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No problem, viewport canvas is a decent little tool. It can be buggy on some systems but it definitly feels good to paint directly on your models with out using a second application like mudbox or zbrush. Thanks for sharing it on the front page :)

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I have a set of videos already recorded that I need to convert and upload. I will be covering the basics of 3dsm and some of the more advanced features. This will apply to GR and nextgen game engines.

Thanks for the comments guys. I will be uploading more soon.


3DSM 2013 inteface / basic object manipulation.


3DSM 2013 Editable Poly


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