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Vehicle dust plumes - Which textures?

Doc. Caliban

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I dislike the bright, give-away-it's-location dust plumes that come off of the rear wheels of vehicles when they are moving ... does anyone happen to know which texture I need to tweak to make that invisible?

(I did the same thing for the rocket launcher as well, since they don't actually leave a trail of smoke in their wake.)

Thanks much!


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I think the problem is the way the engine uses it. Even if you made it much less obtrusive, it would still be that (IMO) ridiculous little dual rooster tail of dust coming from the back of moving vehicles. (No matter how slowly they are moving, of if they are say ... snowmobiles.) There are very few places on even the Desert Siege maps that would even really cause a dust trail like that, and at night it's totally silly (again, IMO) because they practically glow.

I'm not feeling well today, and I am very opinionated on all days, so sorry about the temporary combo. :-)


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