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One of the members in my clan is having trouble running CENTCOM on his Mac while playing with us. All of the PC players are using CENTCOM together with no issues but the Mac user is booted out of the game, just like when he doesn't have a mod that we have activated. The first issue I saw was that the Mac version he downloaded had a different folder name and ModsCont name. We fixed that (I think) and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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About Mac, Ghost Recon and Mods
by Mauti *DAMN R6


Apexmods wrote a guide about Mac and GR but I can't find it.

Refer to Issues in Mauti's guide. The problem is probably file names longer then 31 characters.

Some examples from Centcom:

from map/afgahan airfield:

from map/desert:

from map/fortress:
canyon color map - 1dmfortress.rsb

Have never had to deal with this. If IIRC the audio files if not converted will not play correctly but won't cause a CTD.

Maybe Apex knows the solution?

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I use Mac and I have the Mods and I had no problem, clear that do not use it long ago. To check version to use. which I have is Centcom Mod v 1.0 and the folder should be called Centcom Mod.

That check the unzipped folder if this on another folder that is not of the Centcom Mod.


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Had the same CENTCOM incompatibility happening to me when playing with Mac and PC. There seems to be several different Mac versions of CENTCOM out there - noticed the one I have has a different folder name also. If I find the time (yeah, right) I'll look into the differences, but generally fixing folder name and modscont.txt should be the first step to make them work.

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