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Inactive weapon position


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Ok, maybe I'm missing something obvious, maybe not. Here's the situation:

I added a really nice m98 bravo and the model, textures, helper points, weapon motion type set to bolt action, and weapong positioning seems to work fine. The problem is when I switch to the secondary weapon, like a m9, my m98 dissapear. Cannot see it in the third person view.

What am I missing?



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I put the m98bravo.qob reference in the m24.gun file which worked fine, but still the character doesn't show the m98bravo on his back when switch to a secondary. Same result when switching primary and secondary weapons in the .kit file

So I think I'm missing a Helper point in my weapon model, these are the ones I used :


Am I missing a helper point? (^holsterpoint or something like that).

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All you need is the old holsterpoint.3ds file or Earl's GR Handplacement tool. The holsterpoint one is a simple one step merge and you have a holsterpoint where it originally is in the game while Earl's tool easily lets you rotate it around to different positions.

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I'd have to dig through my old GR files to see if I can find it, though from memory it isn't hard to line up a holsterpoint properly as it simply snaps to a bone in the character skeleton.

All you need is a character model with the helper placed and lined up with the bone, from memory it was the torso bone. Merge in the character and helper and rotate both untill the weapon sits where you want it to sit and then delete the character mesh. Leaves the helperpoint in the correct position.

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