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The Off-topic Off-topic Thread


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Now WytchDokta and Blame can post all they want and be off-topic while being on-topic :D

As I was saying, I find it hilarious that Blame was commenting on this subject then goes and posts this:

This was near 2 years ago, Squad you we're late!!!



If this is against the rules, please lock the thread ;)

Edited by RileyFletcher_01
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Your post was after the OP (Alex) asked everyone if they could stay on topic which means discussing: "The Difference Between Aircraft, Airplanes, Aeroplanes, and Planes"

So I deleted your post Riley, I was going to tidy that thread up and remove the off topic replies but as Alex asked to keep on topic I left them.

Normal forum rules apply in the off topic threads, to discuss the topic posted by the OP.

No biggie really just doing what the OP requested.

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Interesting. Indeed the OT posts could have been left out altogether, but when some-one comes at me with false accusations (especially without evidence to back up their claims), I'm gonna respond in kind - as in what happened in Zeealex's thread.

Edited by WytchDokta
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Yeah, that was classic! Thanks for the addition to the madness, Alex ;)

By the way, I think this ranks up there with some of the best lines in all of GR.net history:

Donkey Fart on a new account after being banned:

lmao i could go and do this for ages if wanted to fella

Rocky on his new bad-a*s pills:

Not if you want to keep your NTL account. Your call.

That's a classic. If you guys aren't into reading all the decade-old threads when you get bored, then you haven't even begun to tap into the awesomeness of this website.

Edited by RileyFletcher_01
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