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Operation Arrowhead, ready for release


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Operation Arrowhead v2 is now ready for release.

The only change to the release version is the waypoint marker at the extraction gate will now appear sooner and the ambient sounds have been given a longer random delay timer.

Download Link:
Operation Arrowhead
Mission Author: JohnTC02
Map Author: JohnTC02
File Size: 57.2 Mb
Version: 2

Your mission:
The rebels have intercepted a shipment of highly sensitive radio and navigation equipment which was due to be fitted in the latest fleet of Blackhawks, these radios contain the latest technology but they are now in the rebels hands and they are fitting them to their aircraft.

Your mission is to locate all of the radio equipment then retrieve or destroy them, this wont be easy Ghosts as intel suggests they have been moved to several locations around Mexico.

Good luck.

1. Inspect Laptop.
2. Secure Heliport.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:

New features:
As you complete the map you will find many new features, buildings and animated props, in fact there are to many to list here so I will let you discover them as you play.

New buildings:
90% of the buildings in the map are all new, again I will let you discover them as you play.

Custom sounds:
Included in the download is a sound mod that you need to install to hear these new sounds, you will see a folder called "Custom Sounds Mod" in that folder are full instructions for installing the mod.

Installing this mod is a one of process, you only have to do it once, after that it will work for all my future missions.

If for some reason you choose not to install the sound mod the mission will still work but you will be missing out on the new sounds.

As usual this mission is adaptive, if you are playing alone you will be in Easy mode but if more players join then it will update itself and then be in Hard mode.

If there is more than one player the mission will be in Hard mode but if all but one player leaves, the mission will then be in Easy mode.

Easy Switch:
If there is more than one player then use this switch to play the Easy version (this switch does nothing if you are playing alone).

Hard switch:
If you are playing alone then use this switch to play the Hard version (this switch does nothing if there is more than one player).

Thanks goes to the beta testers:
rahnman, JackDoe, Blame, mexicobob, JimmyChaos, Rico686, LoBo_FieRo, jd1941, TAW_Glaucus, TAW_BLJ, TAW_pdanoe and all the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), EricJ, pagey, Kaapo_Erika, Kaapo_Klaus and KRP 56.

Download Entry Added.

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I don't know if this is where to post this but if it isn't please move it.

I haven't been doing much GRAW2 lately and decided I needed a fix so I reinstalled and added the last 3 or so missions from you John and started up this latest one.

Ok started working this mission and man it's pretty tough and I selected the easy alarm lol. I gotta ask about the NVG's are they toned down purposely? or am I just not used to them? I am not complaining about them. They work PERFECTLY. They see just enough but don't do enough when going through the corridors of those buildings. This created a awesome atmosphere and dread as I moved slowly through the buildings. Also the Ghost Recon sounds are pretty cool as well. I gotta admit I about pooped myself when that first big door went up. I was like HELLO and ran back to my start point like a little girl. The AI seem as usual good at both hiding and attacking and popping my butt many times. Hitting you from one side then moving quickly to another side for another attack angle. I didn't get superfar ahead yet but I did run up a few of the buildings multiple floors to

A. Run into a sniper I had to pistol whip and

B. Get high enough on 3 floors to have snipers popping at me and eventually taking me out when I wandered out in the open way too much.

Overall so far another stellar mission. I am very impressed with the doors and open buildings, lighting and sounds. I can see a team working these missions slowly and having a great time getting to those objectives. Great job.

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Thanks for the feedback Crash,

The NVG's are part of the environments.xml, all I do here is find a good one from my collection that suits the map, this file is very complex so I don't change it that much (just add the night environment) and I found a good NV setup in one of my files so I use that for all my maps.

This is my most complex mission to date so I have put a lot of work into it, pleased that you like it so far.

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Hmm, maybe I forgot to include it, all you need to do is download my previous map, all the files and installation instructions should be in there.

You only need to install/download the sound mod once as all the sound files for the map are in the bundle file.

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