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Less than ten miles from my house. One of our friends called to check on us last night because he, not knowing anything but the fact that a shooting had taken place at a local gun range, was afraid it might have been at our place.

What a shame.....you make it through the war and you get killed at a charity event.

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from what i gather they were helping a fellow vet get through some PTSD and he lost it must have been the gun fire to set him off

PTSD has nothing to do with this. This is a case of one assclown killing two good men. Period.

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I tried looking up if Eddie Ray Routh's public record, but came up none, if he has been diagnosed or not.

Maybe due to strict HIPPA, his condition may not be released.

I'm not sure what triggered him to that reaction.


you still in the Service or LE?

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my bad, I think I got you confused with Magnum for some reason.

old age.

Update on where donations will go – 2/5/13: We have been in contact with Brandon Webb (SEAL retired) and his chairty Red Circle Foundation.
They have agreed to take all profits from the sale of the Chris Kyle
Memorial Shirt and disperse the funds directly to the Kyle family. Red
Circle Foundation will do this as a pass-through and every penny will be
placed at the disposal and control of the Kyle Family. We have agreed
to do this in “blocks” as we fill orders. I.e. Every $500 shirts mailed,
we will push corresponding monies to Red Circle Foundation.
That keeps things simple and, gives us some time to confirm orders are
real and valid before money is exchanged. We at Tacticaltshirts.com want
to personally thank Brandon and Red Circle for coming to our aid and supporting this endeavor. We are humbled. We do what we can, when we can.

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Kyle-Littlefield Memorial Shirt Update

All the profits from the Memorial shirt are split evenly between the Kyle & Littlefield Families. At last official count, the tally is $60,430 dollars.

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