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Ghost Recon Community - dedicated server


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New Ghost Recon Community dedicated server is up on GameRanger. To play with us, download the client at www.gameranger.com. Everyone is allowed edit server access.

More to come aswell. Next week there will be launched another server only for COOP games. Location of the servers will also be moved to London, United Kingdom. That will give both americans and EU players good ping.

In other words, 2 servers will be up 24/7.

For updates, chatting, reporting issues and questions. See www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr


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Ok, new dedicated highspeed server is online. Join by IP, or GRCOM.NO-IP.ORG
Bought parts and did the setup today. Unfortunately my ISP only provides dynamic IP. I think the IP changes very rarely and that it won't be a big problem, but
use the GRCOM.NO-IP.ORG to join if you suddenly can't connect. Or use it because its easy:)
I will update the IP address on my site www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr if it changes.
Joining through xfire would be nice. Then the server will after a few days show up in the server listings automatically so that everyone can find it:)
Looking forward to play with you!
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I left because the game lacks players. Theres like maximum 50 active players in total playing the game, and usually only 10 at the same time. I tried hosting tournaments, but then players started abusing the game with glitches. I simply gave up. I still love the game, but it needs an update to be playable. I really wish they would make a REAL ghost recon 2.

sorry for closing down the dedi, but it is my private server and I needed it for something else.

Thanks for all the good games:)

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