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PC just blew up!'

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@Rocky - did you mention what brand PSU you got to replace your old one? I had an old Enermax PSU in a P3 700MHz years ago that actually emitted smoke when it died.

BTW, I think you PSU warranty gets voided if you open up the unit right? I agree with just using the compressed air method

@Roco - yes, I also have probably too many old systems sitting around. Like an old farmer, you never know when a part comes in handy to fix your's or a friend's computer. Last year I cleared out all my P3 and older systems, and now just have nothing older than P4 Socket 478 systems for spare parts. I was able to resurrect an elderly friend's old P4 1.6GHz whose motherboard shorted out with a spare mobo and 2.4GHz P4 + 2GB RAM - he was pretty pleased with the speed upgrade

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