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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier patch 1.6 for PC will auto-downloaded from Uplay.

Free exclusive content:

a special hardcore mode for the campaign;

night variants of two adversarial maps: Market & Harbor;

Performance improved;

Online stability improved;

Integration of all Consoles’ Title Updates;

A fix for many issues reported by the community;

Added support for GeForce GT600 and Radeon HD7000 series;

Shadows quality on Guerrilla maps improved;

Grenade effect improved;

Crash with squad invites fixed;

Small freezes on Multiplayer maps fixed;

Issues when loosing network connection in Guerrilla mode fixed;

Respec token requirement removed;

MP-412 handgun and additional weapon skins are unlocked for all.

Hardcore mode – With Title Update 1.6, PC players benefit from an exclusive hardcore mode for the campaign. Here’s what you can expect:

Teammates are less resistant;

Optical camo deactivated if the player moves;

Several changes to the intel; eg: sensor grenades only last for 3 seconds, drones & goggles less “powerful”;

Enemies shoot much more quickly when equipped with weapons such as RPG, shotguns, snipers;

Players die… much more quickly… and regen is slow;

More lethal (+30% damage);

Less bullets.

There are reports of other changes, like run speed is slowed dramatically, I'm checking those reports out...

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I'm still waiting for them to bring the two additional weapons for the PC to console, after all, the M40 and MN31-90(?) was available in weapon caches in the Raven Strike DLC (console version), but not as selectable weapons. Also, I see this patch unlocks all skins and a weapon for PC users. Would be nice if they'd release a patch for those of us who refuse to play Guerrilla mode to unlock the Saiga-12 and the other two weapons that can currently only be unlocked via playing Guerrilla mode. Oh and where's my slug rounds in SP, I mean it's in MP already?

Or maybe they are planning to include such changes in the upcoming DLC for GRFS - "Counter Strike" - which continues their DLC naming trend.

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There are people who paid full price for this title upon, or before release, 6 months or so ago, that get to look at the box. XP was listed as being supported shortly after release.

These people still cannot play this game.

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Unfortunately they are not the only paying customers that are SOL with this game -- many are still unable to connect to any multi-player games, even more can't stay connected to a game if they can find one to connect to, and the latest stunner is if you haven't purchased the DLC and the game attempts to connect to a game that is running the DLC (out of your control) the game will crash or even lock up Windows, as well the corollary situation prevails where if you have the DLC and the game attempts to join a host that has not purchased the DLC and: crashy, crash, crash fun fun...

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