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Hi teppe,

thank you for your welcome greetings. I am really looking forward to receiving my retail Ghost Recon complete and check if can join any matches with GameRanger.

Hi all,

how do you use voice chat? Does it work via GameRanger, too, or do you have Teamspeek servers or somethig like that? I hope I don't annoy you with my questions...I am a total newbie in playing PC games online, especially in playing games that can't be played via the original infrastructure.. :-)

I am going to check for some FAqs here and hope to see you one day on the battlefield... ;-)



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OK let's continue the general discussion in this thread to avoid off topic in the server thread.

I had some multiplayer matches some minutes ago and it was pretty cool dispite the grenade launchers. They seem to be much less effective on the wide open maps. :-

I had to die some times while running across the maps checking them as all maps are totally new to me but embassy which is quite similiar to it's remake in GRAW.

I think this game will rock for me if I just got some experience and got to know the maps. Today I saw that Ghost Recon can be exactly what I was looking for even with some better gameplay than GRAW as it doesnt have the 3rd person cam and this "hide, look around the corner in cover and jump out for the kill" style. The first person view and leaning sideways is much better than the GRAW console controls. What a nice game. :-

By the way 15 people currently online again.

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Hi All, Been a GR fan for years and refound it and this forum, played all the GRAW games and hated them! Re installed this beauty, god I missed it! Forgotten all my skills though, so F7 is my friend again lol, remeber some of the names on here, I think whiteknight sent me a mods CD way back when......................my 14400 modem was none too quick! Hope to chat to some of you soon

Derek (ex sid870) now derek63

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I'm not interested in resurrecting the game as much as just trying to find some of the same group of guys I used to play this amazing game with. Participated in Clan Ladder (Clan World Network) and a few other ladders back in the day.

I've been playing COD GHOSTS and BF4 lately and don't know ANYBODY anymore. Seems like everybody is on consoles now... which I do as well.

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Guys.....what is going on? Is this thread/site/dream still alive? I just reinstalled this game and am looking for some Multiplayer matches. I would be happy to have my machine host during the day while I'm at the office (USA time).

I played this game for hours upon hours. WDA (Walking Dead Army) clan. I remember going up against AOD, CDN, and many others.

No active games in GameRanger right now.

Shall we just set a recurring day/time to host a game on GameRanger?

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