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Found This download for GR

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I found this while cruising the web if anyone is interested. I can't see it on the DLS after a quick cruise. I downloaded it but I don't know what it's like to play yet.


BTW: Thankyou ROCKY for putting those missions on the DLS. I didn't know if they would be worthy enough.


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Quote:: "Rocky".......You found a mod we don't have on file here?!

I guess it pays to look around huh? I was checking google to see how many other GR websites there are left just out of curiosity.

Very few and far between I'm afraid. People seem to be moving on to the newer higher tech games that you need an F-18 panel and computer to fly.

The thing is though.........there aren't a great deal of mods for the new stuff.

BUT GR KEEPS MARCHING ON.............. So much for technology I reckon!

I'll keep checking when I have time.


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