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MRC-68 Mod


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This is a rehash from the GRAW mod, and I'm still trying to finalize files (i.e. get off my butt and build the actual mod) but here's what I've managed to work out so far. Note I've let Brettzies and Snowfella know because this is based on the Weapon Masters weapon mod:

Here's what I've done:

MRC-68 Features:

- Upgunned, uses the 6.8mm round instead, with a capacity of 45 rounds instead

- Trijicon Reflex sight

- Aimpoint sight


Trijicon Reflex sight


Trijicon Reflex Sight

EOTech holosight


Trijicon Reflex Sight


Trijicon Reflex Sight

RPG-7 now usable as a player-selectable weapon, can use either iron sights or the attached scope, and slotted as a backpack weapon. I've played a wide variety of missions and it doesn't affect AI soldiers with the weapon.


More accurate, I've fired the real thing and the game version is well... too inaccurate, that and the AI loves to shoot soo much...


ACOG (it “works”)

Mk14 as a secondary weapon

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