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..:: Blue Prints ::..

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For those who like to make new vehicles for GR?

I have more then 1200 Blueprints, from different country's :lol:

(top, side, front, back views)

The number behind the sections are the number of blueprints:

...:: LAND ::...

* Vehicles Tracked. (158)

* Vehicles Wheeled. (15)

...:: AIR ::...

* Fighters Jets. (221)

* Fighters Propeller. (145)

* Airliners Jets. (94)

* Airliners Propeller. (42)

* Transport Jets. (6)

* Transport Propeller. (42)

* Bomber Jets. (36)

* Bomber Propeller. (44)

* Acrobats. (12)

* Light Aircrafts. (43)

* Recon, Surveillance and Patrol. (28)

* Helicopters. (58)

* Unknown Aircrafts. (158)

...:: SEA ::...

* Carriers. (10)

* Cruisers, Destoryers and Frigates. (20)

* Submarines. (11)

* Other boats. (9)

When u guys need some, or looking for a particular vehicle or just got sick of making models from pics, maybe I got them?

Well just post ur request here, ;)


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Man, that is awesome! You are a lifesaver! :)

I've been wasting tons of time looking for blueprints. Would you happen to have a Comanche recon/attack helicopter (not in production yet so maybe not) or LAV (wheeled vehicle)? :)

And for general info, are these for different countries?


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Just go a CD with the mail again,.....I got now over 4000 Blueprints from alsmost all kinds of Army Wheeled, Tracked, Ships, Subs, Planes and Helicopters

First I wanted to put them all online, but with more then 1Gb of files, it would take to much space :(

Just ask if u cant find the model ur looking for on the link Chems posted above....


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well when you are a bit into Phop u can make them a lot better.

I did it with all my blueprints in the past, replaced all the lines with new ones, to get a clear blueprint.

OK, I use a Wacom Graphics Tablet for it.

Kp ;)

Edit: --> @ Marcinko and @ Sgt. Crocodile, you both got a PM.

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Hi welcome to the forum

you may want to have a look through this site http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/

But as the vehical is build by a racing car manufacturer and not a main stream motor manufacturer a good blueprint maybe hard to find .

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