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Most Amazing Win Ever

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I held this map with only 1 VP to go for what seemed like an age. The Brits only had to take control of two VPs for a split SECOND and it would have been game over. I'll bet he is still wondering just how he managed to lose this game.












Replay File (Requires CoH)

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Not my usual game, but i do seem to have them all in my steam library now, (humble bundle) . Hopefully get some time over Xmas to try this out. Which would you recommend I go with, just for a look here?


COH: Opposing Fronts

COH: Tales of Valor

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They are all the same game actually, I don't think it matter which one you actually launch, it'll run the latest title, which is Tales of Valor.

I keep offering to give people a one hour fast track to becoming half decent at CoH so I can get a decent challenge, but nobody has taken me up on it yet.

It's still (probably) my favourite all time game.

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I played the demo of COH several years ago and enjoyed it. Never bought the game but maybe I should.

I remember having a good number of German troops and had them make a suicidal attack. Allot of action running helter skelter

which made me laugh with glee. I tend to do silly things with games but appreciate how well COH is made and functions.

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