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I noticed screenshots from either the Catel or Trafic map. Some of the best looking maps ever made for GR.
But they both have a serious problem. The vegetation was incorrectly tagged or not tagged at all as foliage in 3DSM.
This means the opfor can see and shoot you through vegetation. This can't be corrected using the tagging properties of the RSB Editor as the 3DSM properties are the overriding factor.
We had a bout of these two maps recently in MP with the Clear and Present Danger mod.
Good missions but the incorrect tagging of vegetation made it impossible. Our team has been aware of this problem for several years but we persist in playing them.

So I'm experimenting with the vegetation files and their alpha channels in PS.
I'm making some alphas completely black in some plants to make them disappear. In others reducing the height and/or width of the white in the alpha channel to make other plants smaller. Full height trees I'm leaving as is as they are not a problem.

I have done some play testing using the missions from CAPD. I'm encouraged but it is only a workaround.

Your retexturing and reskinning in the screenshots are fantastic.

I'm being a bit selfish hoping you can finish this mod. Our team is looking for new campaigns all the time.

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Haha already been there a number of times Riley. To mod ghost recon is to know hopelessness XD.

The most frustrating thing is having no idea how I fixed the mysterious crashing problems (or knowing whether I fixed them or not) and knowing that it will most likely be a hurdle I have to jump many more times.

Fingers crossed I'm gonna beat this thing by end of the year.

Thanks wombat Ive come a long way since that painful process we used to go through but I can't thank you enough for all that converting you did back then.

Since then Ive really gone overboard with the chr and atr files, if one thing can be said about this mod its that you wont be shooting the same 5 guys over and over again lol.

As for the map its cartel I hadn't noticed a problem with the bushes although that might explain how difficult that mission can be, maybe Ill leave it out of the multiplayer version.

Speaking of which I must go through these missions and make mp compatible versions soon.

Oh yeah you see that pic with the tanks on the polling centre map? That is the mission I originally made for the mission comp and getting that m1 to the point you see it at truly felt hopeless at times.

Wish me luck guys and pray for me XD

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Ok so it turns out most if not all of the crashing probs I was having where being caused by the 7.62mm weapons mod I was using.

So much heart ache because of such a simple problem. Such a shame to say goodbye to it the weapons are really awesome.

Anyway two more missions in the bag + stay tuned for a 3 mission prologue mod Ill be releasing for playtesting in the next few weeks.

Check my blog for screens.

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Yes that's the one.

I can't recall the exact specifics of the crash logs.

I seem to remember it logging something about muzzle flash and a few other things as well as a bunch of seemingly unrelated entries of 'can't find xxxxxx anywhere' which made no real sense as the specified files where exactly where they needed to be.

Because I couldn't directly pin it to the mod (despite the ctd problems starting shortly after incorporating it) I continued to use it until I got completely fed up and did some experimenting.

I have not had one mystery ctd since then. I could be completely wrong about this or maybe its only happening for me but it seems to have done the trick.

Still quite a shame really having to get used to the standard gr arsenal again.

EDIT: More screens from the two new missions.




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Ok Chaos AD is dead, long live KALI-YUGA: Ghost Legacy.

Chaos A.D will be stripped of what I can save and incorporated into the new mod.

Don't know if I need a new topic for this so I will let mods decide.

KALI-YUGA: Ghost Legacy will attempt to combine the themes and styles of Ghost Recon future soldier with the gameplay of the original ghost recon.

The story will be a direct continuation of the plot laid out in Serpentine Dream Theory, with SCARECROW team fighting a shadow war against the SCO and enemies of the New World Union.

Here are some shots of the new ghosts I hope you can appreciate my love for the future soldier look Ive tried to implement.

Note: I'm not too sure about the sunglasses texture Ive basicly painted onto some of the ghosts faces, nor have I decided what weapons to use.






And here are some Russians with a new ammo box texture and some winter Bodark special forces.




Although you will be facing these guys allot Ghost Legacy is a globe trotting affair so expect to be meeting many exotic, interesting characters and of course killing them.

I will also be releasing a patch for Serpentine Dream Theory soon.

Hope you like the pics.

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