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Chaos A.D single player mod dev thread


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Ok so before I decide to throw away any more of my work I thought I would take some time to set up this thread and tell you a little about my mod.

Set in the very near future the story of Chaos A.D will take you to a dark future seething with violence and oppression.

The global financial meltdown has inflicted a crippling depression upon the worlds economies, austerity followed by riots and martial law are common place and feared by most citizens of the western world

as an inevitable sign of the times.

Along with the collapse of the dollar a strange and seemingly incurable virus sweeps the globe claiming

the lives of many and driving the worst effected nations to anarchy and mob rule.

Civilisation is on the brink, bandits roam the countryside and inner city's become war zones as the jobless, penniless poor turn on each other in a desperate clamor for self preservation.

In response the newly formed united nations emergency security council or 'UNESC' declares that the end of conventional nations and the immediate formation of a 'world nation' as the only answer to the chaos and suffering.

A world government with a world economy and a world army to enforce its will.

One by one nation after nation pledges its allegiance to the 'United Nations Union' and its armed forces to the 'United nations peace force' or world army. Thousands gather in the street waving the blue flag and cheering in a new age of security, safety and co-operation between countries.

However many nations, groups and individuals view the rising UNESC and world army with fear and apprehension rather then relief and gratitude.

Deep within the world army a secret committee drafts in the worlds top special forces operators, security agents and military contractors to form the world armies top secret black operations group.

Codenamed ********* (have not thought of a cool enough name yet) these shadow soldiers form the very tip of the sword, with both the tactical skill to carry out security ops within the 'UNU' and the firepower to hold their own on the battlefield there is nowhere for the enemy to hide or run to.

No matter who they are or how well protected they are no one is safe from the hidden hand of the council.

That's all I'm revealing about the story for now.

Chaos A.D will roughly be 7 to 10 missions long although depending on what I can get done it could go all the way to 15 or 20.

Missions will take place on the best largest custom or re-textured maps made available by the gr community and each will contain its own assortment of unique characters both hostile and friendly.

Maps will vary from dilapidated streets to steaming jungles and opposition from rag tag rebels and bandits to highly trained well equiped military forces.

Objectives will range from conventional demolition and sabotage to highly questionable false flag ops.

That's all for now below are some pictures of the reskinned characters I'm using for CAD (the ones that survived that is)

What you see is about half of what I have at this time but only a third of what I did have :(

Many of the skins as you will see are unfinished and will need work done on them again to get them back up to the level they where at they are not ready but will provide a decent teaser to what is being made :)

I must thank wombat 50 for converting rsbs for me before I got a copy of photoshop and ingeloop for allowing me to use his fantastic textures in my mod as well as teppe who was kind enough to give my first mission a go :)




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So if he finishes his mission in two days he should just keep working on it even though it is done?


I, too, think it would take a lot longer since he is new to scripting; I can crank out a good mission in three days. He's probably doing it like I did Texas Militia, where I just work on a mission until it WORKS, then go to the next one, etc. I still was fixing the first campaign mission on release day.

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Ah you misunderstood me guys :P

Mid next week is more like 5 days I'm hoping to get all the objective scripting and character design done over the weekend then just flesh the mission out with patrols, reinforcements, ambient sounds etc.

The full complete briefing can kiss my a** for the time being, I'm going to leave all of them until I have every mission I can get done for the campaign ready.

That way I can write the story briefing by briefing without constantly having to go back and change things when something doesn't work out the way I wanted it too.

And yeah I'm new to scripting in igor, still a n00b really :) but the scripting tool is so easy and simple to use its a real breath of fresh air from having to copy and paste or type out line after line of script (then go crazy for several hours because you misplaced a comma or apostrophe).

About midway through this year I began work on a mission for ofp and it still has not reached its final version yet.

Ghost recon while far more limited in what you can achieve is a hell of a lot more stable, so I'm hoping my mission output will be much greater then 1 every half year :)

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Thanks tinker is good to know the support is there when I need it :thumbsup:

I don't know if you noticed in those pics but many of your rockall platoon attachments are used there they have been so helpfull and have opened all kinds of possibilities for me.

It sounds stupid but I really don't think I would of committed to making a mod if I couldn't have my opfor forces kitted out with modern looking helmets.

So thanks for making them available to the community.

And as promised some pics from the first mission I'm creating (although not the first mission I have made :/ ) but the second mission in the campaign.


Pic: Russian frigate docked at Iranian naval base, part of a rogue fleet siding with Iran against the 'UNU'.


Pic: Russian naval officer being briefed on combat readiness of submarine.

And have no fear I'm taking my time with this, thanks again guys :)

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Cheers teppe :)

Good progress has been made so far with almost no setbacks at all.

Objectives seem to work flawlessly.

However still need to set up about half of the actors and plans so no beta testing yet and most likely none until the new year as I am going over seas for the holidays.

But here are some more screens from the wip mission 2.





Thanks to phlookian for giving me permission to use and modify the skin for his tor m1.

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