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Steam version of ghost recon deleted all my mods :/

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I don't believe this my ghost recon starts to act strangely so I decide to uninstall it and then it removes all of my mods including the latest version of my mod :o

Is there no way I can retrieve this? Ghost recon does not show up on the list of affected programs when I attempt a system restore either :/

I litterally had added over 20 characters with many different skins as well as an entire mission that took me all week to make, not to mention two more tweaked missions from an earlier version that I do have saved but jesus feel like Ive just lost it all now :(

Why the hell did it remove all the mods I didn't ask it to!?

It did not do this on my other version of gr.

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You mean the recycle bin? Yeah dude I didn't delete it with a point and click I uninstalled it through steam and it seems to have removed all my mods etc even though I asked it not to :/

Even if I chose to remove my save files etc it didn't delete my mod folders on the older non steam version.

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I know thats what Ive been saying to myself the whole day :/

I used to use an older version of gr a non steam version and it always kept my old mods still have them all in the old directory along with older version of my mod, but this just wiped everything out :/

I kept telling myself "right tomorrow I'm gonna release some media for this" and now half of it will most likely never be seen :/

I'm going to have to totally re-plan everything now as I don't think I can go through all those hours of photo shop again, and while I didn't lose all my skins I lost several newer versions and several of the base skins I had been working from :(

And scratch that I lost 2 new virtually finished missions all they needed was a briefing and a beta test and that would be that.

Didn't even think about it was just like "hmmm gr acting weird again hmm ok I know what usually works" bang all gone what a dumbass :/

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That sucks, hard to believe you did all your work in the Ghost Recon folder and never had backups anywhere though :(

The only thing you could try would be a HD data recovery tool, however they are not free and the results are not guarenteed.

Some tools let you run a trial version whcih would reveal the filenames of the files it might be able to recover though.

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Aye Ive tried that just now :/ couldn't find a single mission or rsb file from the mod just a load of junk from the recycle bin from months back.

I do have a back up just not a recent one :/

I don't even know why it was acting funny in the first place didn't change a thing and suddenly its saying its missing files.

Well I'm just gonna have to do it all again, guess I will start tomorrow >:(

Thanks anyway guys really hope I can get this thing out one day :/

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When I usually uninstall a game to reinstall it later, I just drag all the mods out and make a separate file and then put all the mods in there, after I've reinstalled the game I just drag em all back in there.

With some games the mods that I dragged away, don't work so I have to download them again.

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Ah I still have all of the ones I gave you to convert and many others I had made since, still though think maybe just under a months work was lost :/

Really did not expect it to remove the entire mod folder though, after uninstalling many other things on steam Ive had to go through the folders deleting all the third party mods by hand.

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