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TOS Mission Pack - Development Thread

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I'm currently working on a quick mission pack containing 15 co-op/singleplayer server-sided missions on original maps designed for online play. They will take place on the original campaign maps with no storyline. To help me get through the toughest part of scripting -- choosing objectives, plot, and such -- I am simply 'reversing' the original mission plots, sort of like Jack57's campaigns. You still fight as US forces but the objectives are reversed. For example:


1. Relieve Tent Camp Garrison

2. Maintain Cave Perimeter

3. Protect Officer


1. Protect Farmhouse Pilot

2. Protect Barn Pilot

3. Investigate Crash Site

Hoping to finish it sometime next year but who knows.

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I've finished Caves, Farm, RRBridge, and Village. I always make three versions of each mission I script: version one I hate, version two is okay but I don't like the feel of it, and version three is always fantastic. I really like that you die quickly in every mission unless you use teamwork and think out your plan. I'll give an example of each, and I'll write it as if a bunch of run and gun noobs are playing.


1. Relieve Tent Camp Garrison

2. Maintain HQ Perimeter

3. Protect Commanding Officers

If your team is full of uncoordinated knuckleheads, you'll spend thirty minutes just trying to get them to the tent camp. Then they'll probably all rush down south to get a load of kills, but then they'll be dismayed to see that they let a sneaky patrol get their flanks and kill the officer. Mission failed.


1. Defend Farmhouse Hostage

2. Defend Barn Hostage

3. Investigate Crash Site

The action doesn't start for a few minutes, so the run'n'gunners will probably get restless and abandon the defend sites in search of kills. They'll end up getting surrounded deep behind enemy lines while the flanking forces overwhelm the AI defenses and kill the targets.

Railroad Bridge

1. Establish NE Post

2. Establish SW Post

3. Eliminate Outpost

4. Eliminate Officer

In this one, defense is essential. Even my TOS team continually died because we tried to push forward to the objectives. We'd eventually be surrounded and wiped out or killed as we reached the target. We finally tried going defensive and we sat in the spawn for about fifteen minutes until we were sure the threat was gone. Then we pushed forward and took out the last guys, winning the mission.


1. Ambush Patrol

2. Secure Captured Officer

This one is TOUGH. On the first missions dumb luck might pull you through, but if you go lighting up everybody in sight, you're dead. A well-coordinated team can let the patrol reach the village and totally decimate them with an effective ambush, but most noobs will just start shooting them in the open, making it a much more difficult task. If you manage to take out the patrol, you'll have to relieve the friendlies at the crossroads who are holding an enemy officer hostage. If you run in shooting blindly, they'll kill the friendly guard and the officer will escape. But if you coordinate your attack and have some guys flank the target and wait for the right time to attack, you'll win every time.

It will take me a long time to finish all fifteen missions. Do you want me to release them one by one? In 3 five-mission packs? Or wait until they're all done?

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