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If you reply to this, keep it calm and controlled. This is not flame-war material. I'm simply stating my opinion on a long-lasting debate about gaming. I am open to any opinions.

I've taken a lot of abuse on the game server because I am a camper-supporter. I used to whine and cry about campers because they killed me a lot, but then I realized this. I think the problem is this: camping isn't wrong, unethical, cheating, noobish, or any of those things. The problem is that people are whiny and don't like getting killed over and over because they're so stubborn and focus on trying to get the camper back or going the same way they got killed twenty times in a row.

To sum it up, camping is a legitimate tactic. I don't care what crap you give me. We are always talking about how Ghost Recon is realistic -- why shouldn't we camp too? People do it in real life because running through the open is stupid. When you are always moving, you get killed.

Does anyone agree or disagree?

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I Agree, does that suprise anyone? :D

I think, that mostly people say, that real world millitary realistic ###### doesn't belong in video games, and therefore i think, they mean that camping is annoying, cause they mean it's a game, not a realistic game or anything, game is a world and realistic is a world they say. It's ok to say that, surely.

But others (Including me and Fletcher) will like games so realistic as possible. Do i have to say more?

That's what i think is the problem. :-

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Blame, what the hell is that supposed to mean? I thought the entire mindset of the community that GR was realistic -- not a simulation mind you -- but realistic. But then again you never really put much thought into your posts anyway so I don't care.

I don't really like people who sit in a corner the whole game either, but the whole point of the sniper class is for long-range confrontation and you can't go running to find people with a sniper rifle :)

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Ghost Recon ain't realistic :/

I partially agree, okay before you all kill me for saying it, it's better than pretty much ALL games out there in terms of feeling immersed, but it is, and always will be, a game, not a simulator, camping may well be a "real tactic" but there's a difference between 'camping' in the real world, and camping in the game world.

from what I understand, real world 'camping' is usually a tactic used by marksmen, as they await viable or high value targets, they will set up a position in which they can see their target, defend the spot with either mines or a buddy or what have you, and once they have taken their shot/few shots, they move to avoid being found.

in gaming, camping, is just a player in the corner of the map or in a so-called "strategic" position picking off people who are pre-occupied with other players, or trying to get from one place to the next (no matter how observant they may be) and that player will stay there, regardless of whether they are detected and just mow people down until someone manages to get them. which is what I meant in Pz3's thread

so there's a huge difference here, concealment, over lack of proper skill.

I don't mind the campers who conceal themselves, wait for a shot, take it/a couple, and move, which I assume, mr fletcher, that is what you do and what you mean, that is the proper way to camp,

but the ones who just sit there forever with the wrong idea, not giving a crap for movement or their (lacking of) skill, really irritate me.

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For example look at the past Ghost Recon games, GR:O / GR:FS, like 40% of the game is realistic and rest is just crap.

I understand camping, I do that aswell, but at the same time I hate when someone else camps, it gets people mad fast.

And as Alex said camping in real life is different, in a game you don't have time to sit in one spot for hours/days and wait until someone pops out their head so you can kill him and even if you do sit in just one spot, people will know that all you do is sit in that one spot, at some point they will get you from their flank or behind.

And there is no reason Riley to angry at me just because I said that Ghost Recon ain't realistic, I must say that the Original Ghost Recon is actually more realistic than any other non GR game. Besides the graphics :D

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If you play that Island Thunder election map in the public servers, people tend to camp a lot, because the map requires it, you can't keep running the whole round. How people deal with it? Grenades, grenades everywhere!

So, camping is legitimate, as long as you can deal with it (as in RL).

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It really depends on the scenario, there has to be a purpose for camping, an end goal/objective that you are helping achieve. But majority of the FPS games popularize TVT or PVP (kill-till-you-get-killed-and-respawn-until-the-timer-expires) environments. If the whole point is killed or be killed, i'll rather go the whole run and gun route as there is very little you get to do otherwise. Camping is more of a preferance/playstyle issue than it being unethical or noobish. People get mad when they are out performed and some of them will lash out just to feed their ego :boxing:! Getting killed by a camper is extremely annoying and that doesnt help their cause! :lol:

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