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After a week of tedious scripting I finished a cool mission on the Caves map, but, lo and behold, it starts crashing ten or twenty seconds into the game. Nothing is happening at that time, so I guessed it was the hidden actors. Yup, I make them shown and no crash. But then that kind of screws up my mission doesn't it? So after thirty minutes of removing and re-adding platoons and teams I find the problem platoon. I delete it and completely start it over. Now it works. But then my team plays it and it is way too easy in co-op mode. So I decide to add a few guys late last night because really, how hard could that be for an experienced modder like me?

About two hours later I'm still sitting here in my chair wondering why I love scripting in this editor so much. Is it because of the extensively accurate and helpful crash log that tells me EXACTLY what is wrong when the game crashes for the umpteenth time for NO apparent reason? Oh wait, there is none. Apparently the only time it shows your problem is when you were stupid and don't have a mod activated or you just deleted some models. Sure that's nice but what about telling us why our missions randomly crash without any cause? That would be a nice feature.

But fear not, I did the unexpected -- restarted the entire freaking mission. Of course that means another six hours of working and hoping IGOR doesn't decide to have some fun with me by crashing randomly for awhile. But that's cool, I enjoy that kind of challenge. The challenge of intensely staring at the sky from my insertion zone, dearly hoping that it doesn't crash again and I have to search through IGOR, randomly deleting random things that for some random reason might be randomly crashing the game.

.....if nothing else I might notice something new in the GR loading screens by the time I finish testing this thing.

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Lol :D

I have same stories with map exporting. I was pulling my hair for a week when I saw that I forgot to set up spotting distance in beloved IGOR. And for animations and stairs and... Really frustrating some times...

I feel your pain :P

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You know what one of the reasons I finally decided to defect from ofp to gr was that I imagined it would be easier to quickly make missions and new content without getting bogged down by hundreds of bugs and hand writing hundreds of tedious and complex scripts.

And to a degree I was correct however I have spent many a night restraining myself from throwing the keyboard out of the window silently screaming "WHY!!? WHY!!? WONT YOU WORK!!? TELL MEE!!!" XD

Already I have had to go through my first mission changing everything and now Im constantly wondering "If I add this will it crash?" or "If I don't add this will it crash anyway?"

But just like ofp I can't seem to stop no matter how late I stay up trying to fix one godamm thing.

I imagine my freinds and family gathered around me telling me this game is ruining my life and all I can say is "why do I love it so much!?" :o XD

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