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Do People Ever Play with No Respawns?

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So my first try of GRAW 2 from Original Ghost Recon and coming from ARMA 2. I didn't like it too much with the AIs insta headshotting and dumber than the original (they weren't as deadly accurate in a cheap matter even though they still were). I tried a bit of online coop. There's everyone who dies at least once, some a bunch of times and etc. Some even die around the beginning but I'm wondering do people ever play with no respawn or limited respawn before and have people ever avoided death?

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There are a few good players out there that can complete a coop mission without any deaths, some of the beta testers on here often play through my maps with zero or one or two deaths, it's just a case of taking your time and planning your route.

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TBH I don't know if anyone has done the coop maps lone wolf without getting killed, I know I haven't but I'm not that good a player, I couldn't even play a GR coop mission without a couple of deaths, LOL!!!

So if you elite players out there have done this please tell us who you are!

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Someone (here I think) posted a video of a guy doing Quarry solo with no respawns. I think it was posted in the front page news. It is worth a watch.(though it is not a custom map with 200-500 enemies)

IMHO it is really hard to stay alive in GRAW1/2 because once the enemy is alerted, anyone with legs runs straight at you firing full auto all the way. You cannot supress them. Same sort of stuff as R6V2.

It is more obvious in the maps that have a few hundred enemies to toss around, where the bodies start piling up in that one spot. You guys know what I mean. This one is particularly noticeable in R6V!


(and this is just a small pile!)

That being said, if you have other people to soak up the bullets then once in a blue moon you can do something like this:



a) It is pretty rare. I cannot actually think of another time on a custom GRAW2 coop map I did not die at least once.(and lone wolf? hahahahahaha no.)

b) You run out of ammo and then need to find a suitable gun in a sea of MP5s with iron sights.

c) I think there is a bug where the AI either do not see you or consider you low priority. Shooting for your friends instead.

d) Once a helicopter is tossed in then you are as good as dead unless you have an M99 or RPG or a REALLY good hiding spot and a boatload of ammo. At least with a tank you can run up and plant C4.

e) ehhh. You get the idea.

f) Oh, and also the mounted guns&stuff that are out of your range, but can still see you.. and the various occasions of the AI are sticking their gun through a wall so they can shoot you, but you cannot hit them.

g) and crashes. there are too damn many of them when trying to do a coop mission with your friends.

Sometimes I think it might be nice to have certain aspects of OGR AI in GRAW2...

Riley, get on it plz! :P

Anyway, I am by no means a good player. some of the guys here are pretty impressive in GRAW2!

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I did work on this for quite some time, as a way to challenge myself. I especially worked on it in the map Operation Zetas. I learned a few points, which I think are pretty general of nature.

1) As much as possible, do not get into close combat. Stay out of harms way. Snipe the AI from long distance.

2) Learn where are the switches that will spawn enemies. When you have activated a switch, go back into a secure place and wait. The enemy must spawn, and calm down.

3) When sniping, shoot the loners that are not close to the group. And shoot those that are closest to you. AI will be alarmed if even a gunshot comes close to them.

4) And a funny point: if you play with limited respawns, giving yourself an admin kill will increase your number of deaths (even if not shown on the final count). So not a cool way of healing yourself of inflicted wounds.

I guess there is still much to learn. But in the end it comes down to knowing a mission inside out. Knowing where are the snipers, and how to do with those difficult ones. And then ... take your time. Move slow and considerate.

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OZ*Ares and me played through many maps with minimal or no deaths

most time we played with M416 with silencer

@Oelmuvun: i think u talk about that: Anti Tank Tactics


BIGTREE sry 4 bad english :whistle:

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Was actually disappointed hosted recently with no people joining me.

Server name? NO RESPAWN

Was it the block capitals do you think? Hmmmm

I played coop_crashsite got thru to the end 99 kills and was wiped out by the enemy helos (well, distracted and shot by AI)

The silenced weapons work well. You can take out plenty without alerting nearby enemies.

Slow and steady, you get to enjoy the scenery, and GRAW2 does come with a deathcam, so sitting it out isn't that painful.

As far as campaigns go, your Team AI work wonders, always having the first-drop on tangoes if they are positioned in cover first.

Nearly all the campaign maps can be completed no-respawn with the only provisio being you really do need to know in advance where the snipers, machine-gun-nests and panhards are going to be (mostly, but still possible)

yeah, no respawn is where the game is at for me :cowboy:

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