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I've already got permission to modify GRS_Mp1 from original author Ken the Judge.



Present version includes only textures. So it must be activated with original GRS_Mp1 together. I'm trying to modify to be able to play without original GRS_Mp1.

I have one question. Please let me know.

I wanted to change the foot step sound to snow sound. I read this topic.


But I don't understand well about foot step sounds and textures. Is there sound tag in the RSB file?

My RSBEditor seems to not show about foot step sound. My RSBEditor's version is 2.0. Is this a latest version?

My RSBEditor is from IT CD but Japanese version of GR is unreliable.

I copied the original GR snow textures and modified it. Then problem was solved.

But I want to know how to change the foot step sound with RSBEditor.

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Surface type showed only "None". But I had overlooked the project setting in editor option.

I changed the setting to Ike or nimitz. Then surface type appeared. Tags too.

What is the difference of "Ike" and "nimitz"?

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Experimented with the RSB Editor a little.

I couldn't change the sound footsteps made on the the main ground texture.

This may not be the case for custom maps.

However the other textures I could with the RSB Property editor. Right click on the main screen of the RSB editor and choose property editor. Use the game tag and it looks like this.


Using version 2 off the IT disk.

I don't uderstand about the Japanese version being unreliable but if you want the English version of the RSB Editor,

Download here:


Setting to Ike or Nimitz seemed to have no effect changing the sound for the main ground textures.

I assume if they will not change it is because they are tagged that way when the map was made in 3DSM.

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I've contacted Ken. He agreed that "sharing is Caring".

His e-mail said that "Please feel free to use GRS maps as you like. Or rather, I'm happy that many people will play with my mod in future." in Japanese.

There is one more news.

I've got permission to release the "GRS MapPack Winter" as "GRS MapPack1 V3".

I'm planning to include following new retextured maps.

Killhouse Snow Day

Killhouse Snow Night

Killhouse Rain Day

Killhouse Rain Night

Chalet Day

Chalet Snow Day

Chalet Snow Night

Chalet Rain Day

Chalet Rain Night

Of course, it will be free to use for modders.

But release day is... unknown.

GRS Killhouse is very very good map for 2vs2 or 3vs3 fight. This map is not symmetry but both teams are almost fair.

Many Japanese players like this map. They played with this map again and again all through night. Me too.

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