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Just thinked, isn't it realistic that soldiers when running have muzzle up or down, not in middle, i mean, when running in GR, you can also just nearly actually aim and shoot with your rifle whhile moving, isn't it possible to change to a muzzle up or down by editing a animation? Who may wan't to do it?

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If I recall correctly, they are using a special type of movement; it's name I cannot remember however. Anyway it is a real movement that they use to shoot while moving. To answer your question though, I think it could be changed and I would love to try it. Here is how you would do it:

Find the running animation used by enemy forces.

Copy it to your mod's Motion folder.

Rename it to the Ghost soldier run animation name.

In the game you should now have the Ghosts run like enemies, with their guns down.

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That's the original one, you have to change it tothe 2018 one, so copy both 2018 and the other to your motion folder in your own mod, and click rename on the 088 file, copy it's name, rename the 2018 with that name, delete 088 file, try it in game by run, end mission, show replay,.

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thanks ;) i just can't find any slow run, what will anybody think on this:

slow movement/alt key holding

a - hand movement

s - hand movement

d - hand movement

w - hand movement

So people don't have to comm or write, but can use these instead? What you think?

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