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sometimes i wish you guys would post something with substance rather than just one smiley. <_<:P

seriously though, that would require at the very least an edit of the .exe, which isn't allowed. And if i remember clearly , i may well be wrong but most of the time the limb isn't actually blown off, the bone and the tissue surrounding it is just too badly damaged to recover from the blast and requires amputation in a field hospital. the only time a limb would be blown off is if you where pretty much on top of the blast, aka, you stepped on a mine/IED

however, that would just be an educated decision based on a fair few things I've been told, but, Secondary sources, arent necessarily reliable :P

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I know a friend that have been in Iraq, one of his friends died because his patrol car a keind of mercedes, stepped over a IED, and that risked in, that he loosed BOTH of his legs, and was dying in the arms of my friends, and died just before the HELO comed, but again, then he would die in the helo...

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Not quite...

This is from thermobaric granade (photos of dead bodies)

Graphic content removed.

Sometimes feet and arms separates completely.

But in game not be able to implement it. And do not need this violence.

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Please share this type of graphic content via PM
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Oh Breslan hostage crisis...

Reminded of the way the Alfa operators shielded the childrens with their body, and how many Alfa operators and Vympel operators that loosed lifes. Big respect for everybody in anti-terror corps and in the millitary.

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