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''The Babel Tower''


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In the latest time i got inspired in the history about "The Babel Tower'', that should be one of the "Seven Wonders".


- It's meaned that it was around 78 meters high!!!

- It was build for the god Marduk. On the top, the tower got a temple made to Marduk.

- It's groundplan was 91 x 91.

- It's head stair was 9 m wide.

- Builded by king Nebudkadnesar.

Well, of course this is just facts, not true.

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lol, someone had to comment on that one. Don't take it eh literal, it was meaned like a citate by wow Indiana Jones in the third movie, handling about the holly Grail:

''Remember, archaeology is facts, not true''. i think he's refering to, that normally you have to guess on some things, but you still got facts like it's so high etc.

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