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Team vs Team Tournament

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I'm very disappointed; not only because I was looking forward to this for a couple of months, but because Tinker was kind enough to let us use his server and not ONE of 23+ players showed up. I understand real-life priorities but this was very disrespectful towards the people who set this thing up for your enjoyment. I doubt that 20 or more people just 'couldn't make it', more likely they forgot, didn't care, or their team leaders were not responsible enough to get their teams ready for action. I will not be setting up any more tournaments in the future, considering the time I wasted on this one.

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Why should I not take it seriously?

Anyway, I'm not going to blame the players. I'm going to blame the LEADERS because THEY are the ones who should have organized their teams and ensured that they could participate before signing up an entire roster full of team members. This isn't a "are you interested thread?", this is a sign-up form that shows you will be here.

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It was time.

Captain 9Echo had just finished leading the Tactical Operations Squad, an elite division of the United States Covert Operations Project, through an incredibly strenuous training course before their coming confrontation. As the captain walked towards their insertion helicopters, his loyal team of six men followed him. Walking with the captain was Lieutenant 2Foxtrot, his right-hand man. As the elite team walked towards the helicopter, Sergeant Major 5Golf dropped the bolt on his OICW assault rifle, slamming a round into the chamber. The seven soldiers split off into two groups; the captain, his lieutenant, the sergeant major, and Master Sergeant 7Alpha in one helicopter, while the others loaded into the second chopper.

As the helicopters lifted off, Sergeant First Class 4Sierra dropped an empty magazine from his SA80 and slid a fresh load of 5.56mm rounds into the weapon. Across from him sat Corporal 3Zulu, who flipped up the sights on his assault rifle. Next to the corporal sat Private 7Whiskey, a new recruit of the TOS. The atmosphere was intense inside of the aircraft as they sped across the sky towards enemy lines. An hour later, the helicopters arrived at the battlefield, and five soldiers jumped out of the aircraft. 9Echo ran to the second helicopter but it took off before he could ask why 3Z and 7W were still in the chopper as it left the area. He turned to 2F and demanded an answer. He informed the captain that the two had been recalled by command for a special operation, code-named 'Visiting Grandma'. The captain sighed, shook his head, and prepared his team for battle. During this time, 4Sierra had fallen asleep and was taking a nap on his rucksack. 9Echo shouted at him to wake up.

Just then, a man with no uniform or insignia ran towards the TOS team. He threw his hands in the air and yelled that he was unarmed. 9Echo knew him as 'Rocky', a possible enemy leader. He aimed his rifle at Rocky and asked where the rest of his force was.

Rocky replied, "I was sent in but never made contact with the others. We got lost in the air-drop."

Just then, Sergeant Major 5Golf walked towards the group, dragging a South American guerrilla fighter behind him. 9Echo shoved the soldier to the ground and demanded to know where the rest of the guerrillas were. 'Ser', as the guerrilla fighter had called himself, refused to answer and soon escaped while the TOS team was distracted by a call from command. After moments of intense silence, they received word that all enemy forces had deserted the area after they heard of the TOS intervention.

Captain 9Echo and his team were disappointed to miss out on a battle, but were also glad that victory had come to them so easily.

Mission accomplished.

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