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Hex edited the Scar_L model...


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so... back to graw2 again. always hated that the scar L has somewhat a wrong silencer attachment position, with it attached it becomes a short barrel essentially a CQC version. Took me lotta trial and error hex editing the diesel file but believe i got it, with the help from a few posts ("silencer_align").

dl link


file goes to \objects\weapons\scar_light folder or a bundle ofc. you can also edit the gui files so the weapon icon on briefing screen shows up correctly with it.





hopefully someone's still playing this decent shooter:)

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hiya rahnman,

got your pm, didn't realize any av would flag mediafire... have you got an email addy maybe i could send?

i used 010editor which is a hex editor, it's been a while but remember it was the bytes that following "silencer_align" that determine the position of the attachment, they obviously should contain x, y, z coordinates. referenced/compared the diesel of hk416 and scar-h to figure out which is which.

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