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Remake of Farm_Day


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Looks very good Biro!!! Can't wait to see it used with an actual mission!


Yes, hopefully someone can do a remake of the original mission aswell. That would be "epic"!

Wow, that brings back memories Great job Biro.

Glad to hear you are still at it and the shoulder is better!!

Thanks Buehgler, nice to see some of you old Alpha Squad guys still hanging around? I saw the webpage was still up, are you guys still hanging together gaming?


Have started working on the F/A-18D Hornet. I belive this is the first plane I model in 3d max, so I have no idea what I end up with. Gonna handpaint the texture in mudbox and I have a slight feeling this will be interesting as I need to make it sort of destroyed aswell.

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F/A-18D Hornet - somekind of a special Graw2 mod? WILL WE BE ABLE TO FLY ?!?!?

On the original farm map from old Ghost Recon, the mission is to save two pilots who has been shot down and taken prisoners. Their crashed F18 is located in an acre north of the farm, so I'm rebuilding this plane to get it like the original map.

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Yes, hopefully someone can do a remake of the original mission aswell. That would be "epic"!

I suppose that can be done. If I remember correctly, there were only the two pilots that needed to be rescued and nothing much going on besides that (as in: no vehicles etc.)

IMO a true 'remake' of the original mission would be a little too tame, but for kicks it would be great to do!

Working on this map and the time and effort that goes into this, would you do other maps as well?

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Gotta take one map at a time. It's alot of work getting one done, but I have nice amount of objects and plants which can be used on another one if I feel for it. I also look forward to Ground Branch, Takedown and Arma3 and it would be fun to do a mod for one of those aswell.

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My question wasn't intended you sqeeze out more maps (lol), but I was just wondering if the amount of time and effort would put you off to do another one when this one is finished. I am well aware there are other games out there or 'coming soon to a theatre near you' and working on them is appealing. ;)

Anyway...you did a fantastic job so far! Keep it up and do keep posting your progress!

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Glad I just logged in as I had pretty much given up on GRAW 2 after a long time of playing it from day 1 and seen this thread had been updated.

Darn, if you could get the look and feel of Ghost Recon into GRAW 2 but with the playability of GRAW 2 and the bigger Ghost Recon maps (at least i think they were bigger) this will be yet another bone thrown at the life longevity of GRAW 2.

Awesome effort Biro.

May have to reload it again.

Am mainly playing ARMA 3 at present, but will keep close watch on this.

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