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Not sure if anybody could do this, but here we go:

Is there a way or even an already-created program that could automatically make copies of the missionstats.htm file found in your GR directory? This file keeps a record of the last-played game, and it includes details of kills, hits, status, etc. and it would be very nice if I could have the newest one automatically saved after each co-op game my TOS team plays. Of course I can keep doing what I've been doing: minimizing the game and recording the scores in Excel, but it slows things down and just gets old having to remember each game. I guess I could just save the missionstats file after every game and name it something like




etc. but I'm not sure how the game would like me copying things from the folder while GR is running.

Any ideas?

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Well I did some testing and yes, you can minimize the game and copy the .htm file to a folder while GR is still running. That way I'm not holding people up, making errors, or wasting time anymore. Then I can go at the end of the day and copy it all over to the permanent records.


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I'm sounding quite old now :wc: but back in the day we used a program from MassProductions called GRStatTracker. It kept track of all the players and games being played on a server and saved it in .html format to an assigned folder of your choice. The saved file had a date and timestamp, so it was easy to check back on played games. If the .html was saved on the gameserver, it could be loaded into your website so players would have a realtime update. It was quite good.

After some googleing, surprisingly after 8 years, it's still available!

You can find it here: http://www.mass-productions.com/GRUT/GRST/default.php

I don't think the "buy" option still works, so I would contact the company by email first.

BTW: you might want to ask the author for the upgraded executable. I believe it was version 103006.

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