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Well was just watching James Bond from russia with love (1962 i think, planning to watch skyfall later) and then i thinked, WHAT WILL YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT A SPY MOD???

I mean, the binocular, L, that could be Krav Maga instead. If you got no bullets left? + that you the kits can be like pistol + binocular, sniper rifle, etc. and then your missions will be much do-what-you want style, i mean, you still got a objective, but you choose how you will complete it. + alot of civilans around and sometimes enemies just shooting?

Idont fell inspired by DSF for the time, and i think this mod could be something VERY new

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lol :P

Well i'm thinking on the Vitorez sniper rifle (+ a few others maybe some sd?) I'm thinking on renaiming the support. of course some pistols (glock, well Apex i assume i can get permission to one from HU :D, desert eagle? Five seven.) new reticles as i dont like them similar to the originals etc skins will be some refugees from OGR, + some of BJBs agent skins, and alot of HU's civilans in suit and just shirts ;) I hope i can get permission to all this, altrhough i havent could contact BJB before, i mean, he doesnt reply to my emails :(

oh how could i forget, well guys you choose:

Are the player going to be CIA or MI6, and, when should the time be? Nowadays or like Old james bonds 60's ?

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