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GR Realism Enhancer - Release Thread

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A totally new GR Realism Enhancer is being released soon, and it will be packed full of tweaks that make Ghost Recon a much better game. Sniper rifles aim faster but are less accurate standing up. Machine guns are more dedicated to stationary firing. Grenade launchers feature realistic sights, allowing accurate targeting. The threat indicator is permanently disabled, leaving you with just a compass. Command maps featuring a simple grid system allow for team coordination in online games. Incorrect firing modes such as the Bizon and FAL's three round burst are removed. Wounds are more realistic, and headshots always kill/disable the target. Weapons with grenade launchers are bulkier than their unmounted counterparts. Enemy weapons have decreased accuracy. Incorrectly-named weapons now are listed with their real-life names.

As a bonus, three quick missions are included, scripted on maps M14 Mountain, D05 Aurora, and CP01 Hunting Lodge.

Expect the release sometime next week.

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Like the idea, but a few questions/suggestions

1. The command map, will this mean you cant see anybody? Like my 1995 mission will be?

2. You said head shoots will kill. But that wouldnt be realistic. Like the school Breslan 2004 crisis, a Spetnaz-Alfa guy got shot in his head (was wounded and seriously) it depends on the head-armor.

Anyway sounds good ;)

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1. That would require some texturing work which I don't feel like getting into, however that is almost essential if I want realism so the enemies will probably be removed. The friendlies will still be visible.

2. Did that guy keep running around with a bloody hole in his head and shoot with 100% accuracy after he got nailed in the face? I doubt it. He probably was out of action for quite awhile. The way I think of it in GR: death simulates being decommissioned. If you wouldn't be able to fight in real life, you might as well just be 'dead' in the game.

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1. Well yeah i was just about saying i got one you can loan if you want, but that hides everything. Maybe theres any way, you may could get a chopper involved in some missions trying to ''spawn them' ?

2. yep i thinked the same ;)

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