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A new mission for Heroes Unleashed

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I've been wanting to make something again for GR for a while now, and the Labor of Love contest was all the motivation I needed to dive back in. The result is, for now, a single mission. But not just any mission! A mission packed full of randomy randomness and randomocity. Seriously. Now I remember just how tedious it is:

Continue if -> Compare Integers -> GetRandomNumber -> Between 1 and 100 -> 2nd value 50 -> Greater than or equal to -> Repeat about 100 times

It's a new mission for single player and multiplayer. Set in 2013, NATO forces are called in to assist after insurgents fighting over southern Thailand stake out a base of operations in northern Malaysia. A NATO plane has just been shot down and you're headed in immediately.

Suit up boys. One of the flyboys got shot out of the sky and we need you to clean house. Intel is still working out whether there's any chance the pilot survived, but you can bet we'll hit back hard.

You'll have your final objectives by the time you reach the area. Get going.

In my typical style, this is a mission short on story and long on replayability. On each insertion you'll face different objectives, different enemy reactions and in some cases different events during the mission. That means there is a trade-off at play. A lot or a little can happen in a single mission and I have avoided all but the most basic manipulations to ensure that at least one objective is present. You might only get a single objective that you can knock off quietly and get out without stirring up too much resistance. You might get a lot of objectives that will force you into every nook and cranny of the map. I have avoided God-like scripting as much as possible, so there will be no events deliberately engineered to ruin your carefully crafted strategy. Just a lot of possibility. It all hinges on how each insertion plays itself out.

  • 2 possible insertion zones
  • 1-4 objectives (2 objectives can occur in one of 6 places)
  • Responding forces come from all over the map, but each squad has a percentage chance of responding or not responding to each attack. So your attack could face no response or bring half the enemies on the map all at once.
  • You may or may not face enemy reinforcements from off the map, including snipers sneaking in behind you. All external reinforcements have a chance of spawning each minute after first contact, so the longer you wait, the more you're likely to face. But you'll never know when or where to expect them.

It's built on the bridge map from YOTM, but requires Heroes Unleashed to play. All actor and weapon files are taken from HU so you can just load this mod on top with no problems.

I've sent it to Rocky who I hope will put it up for download soon. I'll post here when that's ready.


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