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Hi guys been at this for five months and got into a squad the #1 squad on GRFS played a couple of squad matches and now dead due to MOH my squad went to this game now I have it but not a FPS player got it to pass the time once in a blue moon, still looking to play squad matches it's an addiction for me now that I've got a taste and want to keep my high going so if there are any one of you like me please add me on PS3 I would like to have as many team mates as possible to do this still in the squad and hopefully if I can get a nice/good amount of players for a roster I will ask for a promotion to add players we have two squads I was in the first one witch is #1 then the secound squad needed help moving up so left first and jump to secound and they all jumped on the MOH banwagan and want me to join but not until I finish what was asked of me then I'll move on maybe; So if you want to do these wonderful things in my opinion please add me on PS3. thanks for listenning and reading.

OH yeah here is the website: http://evogamingunlimited.com/?page_id=711

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