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[anyone making] New Maps [?]


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Just curious, but is anyone else out there going to release any new maps other then JohnTC02 ?

I know you were working on something Spike, but what on earth happened to all those previous map makers that kept it alive too ?

Daro48 has released several also, but where has everyone else gone ?

Have they lost heart with the game.....I hope not as GRFS was a big disappointment.

Until GROUND BRANCH comes out (if it ever does !) then this is the nearest thing to playing a decent game alongside comrades in arms.

Just seems to me that without support it will die and GRAW 2 has had so much fantastic support from the fans that this would be a real shame.

If I could make maps, I would but Im too thick and gave up with it as it looks way too complicated.

Anyway, heres hoping that you were just on holiday and will flood this site with endless decent maps to keep this great game alive for a long time to come.


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Yeah I agree with you CJ, where are all the brilliant minds that gave us GRAW 2 fans so much fun with their maps and other mods???

Where are you people, what happened to you all?

GRFS is a big disappointment and UBIsoft doesn't give a s...t about that because they got their money in their pockets and that's it.

The disappointment with GRFS left most of the GRAW 2 fans (who thought that they would get a nice sequel) scattered in the dark.

I have a great admiration and respect for those who are still giving so much of their own time and creative thinking in GRAW 2 even though people think that the game is "dead and outdated".

Although GRAW 2 is from 2007, people are still playing the game and there are still TDM servers with alot of players on it each and every evening. There are still alot of Coop servers with veteran and new players who enjoy playing the game.

The Beta testers are still enthusiastic about the new maps and we are always curious what will come up next.

We may not forget that GRAW 2 had brought alot of people together, playing Campaings, Coop, TDM, DM, RvsA, HH and a bunch of them still do, including me.

As far as I know GRAW 2 is the only game in which you can connect to other players in a very easy way regardless the mode you choose to play. It's also the only game that still has people who are still making new maps and mods.

Although UBIsoft is not supporting GRAW 2 anymore, there are still enough dedicated servers running the game.... even after 5 years!!!

There are alot of games with better graphics etc., but I haven't seen one single game yet that has the same possibilities as GRAW 2.

Therefore I still believe that all you mapbuilders and modmakers have what it takes to get GRAW 2 back on track.

We always need to inspire each other in building new things...

:hmm: Rico

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As far as I know GRAW 2 is the only game in which you can connect to other players in a very easy way regardless the mode you choose to play. It's also the only game that still has people who are still making new maps and mods.

So you have not played Ghost Recon then ?

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Sure I do Hammer. As a matter of fact I started with the good old Delta Force games and then all the RainbowSix games.

As the original Ghost Recon :o= was released I bought it with the only 2 Expansion Packs there were (Desert Siege + Island Thunder).

I know that some people still play the game and there are alot of maps I still don't have, but I haven't been playing OGR so much anymore.

So, at some points you're right Hammer...., OGR is another game that is indeed still alive, even after so many years.

The only person I have been playing OGR with is my clan buddy MIB-EU_Dave, but we are looking for people to play with... and I need to reinstall all the maps I have etc.

And Riley..., maybe we all can play together some time. I haven't play OGR (or GR1 if you prefer that) with more than 2 players yet. Would be cool though

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Hey all,

John and I have been talking about the same thing. Making buildings and props is all good, but eventually we are using them on the same @$#%$@% damn maps all the time. It would be great if we can make our own maps.

I dont think the ideas are the problem. There are plenty of ideas! The problem is that I/we have no idea on how to make maps! I tried finding a tutorial on this, but without any luck.

Perhaps we need to look at maps as big props and approach this as such in 3dsmax?! I will try and test this theory in the coming days and see if I can start out with a small map.


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Hmm, I might have found a map that is not being used at all I think, what about "Strongpoint" co-op misson, by Mexico Bob. It's a conversion from Graw1 ofcourse, but that map has a good layout and it's huge aswell. If Bob would let us use it, it would be great to check out, I know that John helped Bob with it a bit, why not try out?

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I know there are several maps from GR:AW1 that look good and *potentially* could be used. I thought of this too, but the size of script that most of John's missions consist of are of such size that these maps will cause lag. Not sure how or why, but I think John can explain this.

I guess all GR:AW1 maps could be used, but the missions will have to be simple and I think (correct me if I am wrong) that most people like the more complicated maps with new features etc.

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Biro....looking good.

I remember that map from years ago......remade to GRAW 2 would be awesome....nice 1.

That's looking really fantastic Biro.


Thanks but it's gonna be better, still early in development!


Is that an OGR map? :)

Do you recognize anything? :hmm:

I recognise a GRAW 2 operator kneeling down on a GR1 map.

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Do I recognize anything?! Euhm...I think so yes...the dirtroad and the house in the far distance. Besides that, it doesn't look like any of the GR:AW2 stock maps, so... :)

I do like the idea of porting those maps! I have seen the Castle map, but none of the others. Perhaps you can tell me how to do that, so we can port all maps from OGR to be used for GR:AW2.

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It's indeed a remake of one of the OGR maps, better known as Farm_Day! As I said I'm still early in development but it does look promising so far. I'll put up a own topic on the development of this map later on so we can keep this ontopic.


Castle_Day was more of a port, I'll call this a total remake as everything here is done in 3dMax from scratch.

To explain it short how the terrain was remade I started with a fogless version of the map in original Ghost Recon. I then used a program called 3d Reaper to get the whole map-geometry into 3d max.

Everything except the terrain was deleted so I had a clean landscape. I then used a 3d max plugin called Polyboost which let me "draw" geometry on a surface so I redid the whole terrain with using the old one as a reference terrain. This way I could get the altitude correct and decide where I wanted to put more details. After that the terrain was taken into mudbox to add more detail and small curves to the landscape. Next I took it back into max and textured and vertexpainted it before it was exported into the diesel engine.

This method is doable on all old Ghost Recon maps, it's really not that timeconsuming either when you get the hang of it and the result is pretty good.

I'll put up more info later on how I did the backdrop and so on, but don't hesitate on PMing me or asking here in the forum if anyone is eager to dive into this.

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Oooh...sounds 'complicated'! :) I thought it would be much easier to do, but I guess that's with all new things. First time I saw Max, it was also looking very confusing to me. Now, with some more experience, it is a lot easier.

The picture of the OGR map looks great. I already had the feeling you did something with the textures (you did, right?!) as they look suprisingly good and I can't recall OGR had such detailed grass. Good job!

I am interested in doing something with this, so a seperate thread on this is a good idea. I have, you too I guess, all the expansions for OGR, so there is a hidden treasure of maps to use. :D

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I have no idea on what you hear Blame! :D

If this 'remake' of maps is something that can be done, we have some more maps to base missions on, but I don't think that this involves a complete remake of the whole OGR game/storyline/campaign ;) (although I guess it could be done...hmmm)

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