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Project Novo - Final Testing Phase

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What about you did like they (RSE) did. Release 3 folders, GR, IT and DS? Then release the GR one to the birthday 13 november, and the others later? This means you dont have to hurry, and you got alot of time to edit things etc as i haven't seen so much on the DS inprovement, as i'm sure people mostly focus on GR. Also means you don't have to make to many MB. + I think (my opinion) that it's strange to release GR and DS, then IT later, i prefer, first GR; then DS and then IT

My cents.

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Alex and all... you guys are amazing!

they are aren't they. so great to work with :flowers:

there is absolutely no reason for being stressed out about this or rushing things along


promise for future refinements

yuppity yup!

I agree Apex, no need to rush it out the door. If more time is needed I don't think it would offend anyone.

indeed. so how do you suppose we work this machinery then? to be honest, I don't want this to turn out like a GRFS clone, rushed and crushed, which recently it, has done. so a delay on the full release wouldn't put a huge dent in the metalwork I suppose.

I was thinking, because you have all been so patient, put it up as a preview on the 13th? and note that it is NOT the full mod?

i prefer, first GR; then DS and then IT

My cents.

I'm going off what PS2 version was like, DS was compiled with it and jungle storm (ps2's Island thunder) was separate I think if they were all separate it would just be confusing.

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I've decided to release a preview tomorrow, yes shoot me if you wish. but I think we need to get everything in as carefully as possible and not rush to the door with this.

so a little bit of graphicy stuff.


gotta keep Photoshop clicking somehow!

Squad! Stand at ease!

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