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Project Novo - Final Testing Phase

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Looking very nice on the improvements.

Tried the perf data but had a random loss of signal to my monitor pretty quick.

Could have been a coincidence as it's an ongoing problem.

When I tried the perf data I got a Danger sign in one of the upper corners which I presume is normal?

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New ground detail textures by Wombat50 (i'm using the Origmiss textures so the ground colour maps are darker. ;) )



I think the desert skin's brown colour probably needs toning down a bit it looks more orange just my opinion though

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In about half an hour it will be exactly a week until the (unofficial release) of Project Novo, AKA it's final full upload and Project Novo will no longer be a Project, but the namesake stays :P I know, you must be so exhilarated XD

so I don't mean to rush you lovely people. but please get any test results you have in before the 10th of this month to allow 2 days for final preps and upload (I will request that the thread is locked on the 10th and the resources file will be archived on an external drive.) I will upload another 7z tomorrow with updates to textures that have been flagged as problematic, so you know what's been dealt with. please accept the fact that 'half windows' have replaced corner windows at some points, and that an original texture has been restored due to continuity errors (m05's windows) and scaling may be odd in some areas.

but apart from that, flood me with suggestions, data and other on topic things (be nice) up until the 10th. ;)

If you think my maths is bad, PN's being uploaded on the 12th, not the 13th, opening up for a smooth link-in-and-post release on ghost recon's birthday!

Zee out!

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grr, this upload is taking the mickey. give it another hour, some thing's taking up my bandwith. can you see why i want to upload on the 12th now? XD

GEEZ this thing is slow! it's been stuck on 1 hour remaining for over 3 hours now!

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OK missed out on this download for Nov 6.

Downloaded and having a look.

On M01_caves there is a big difference in the small and large ground dm.rsb's.


Try including m01_ground_smalldmm01_caves.rsb in your M01 map folder and edit it like

you did m01_grounddmm01_caves.rsb (good bit greener then the original).

The other alternative is to delete m01_grounddmm01_caves.rsb from the mod and let it default to the original texture.

My two cents is the original makes the map look better.

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Edit: Took the link down as just looked at this on M07 and the alpha settings are not right.

Working on it.

Link is for m01_Bigtree01.rsb

I'd replace all the other versions of xxx_Bigtree01.rsb in the tree folder

as this version has no blue/white fringing of the leaves.

Might hold off on the versions for M02 and M06 as you may have adjusted them because they were too bright on these night maps.

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A couple of fixes for M02 I thought I had uploaded but apparently not.

Adjusted the barn floor texture and its counter part with hay to match in color.

Adjusted .env to lighten the fog a tad.

Desaturated the ground maps a tad

Ground_detail is redundant in this d/l.

Edited the names of the barn floor textures in the map file so it would not read from DP02.

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i keep forgetting to delete the groundmap :wall: i'll delete it for the final version.

and thanks for jogging my mind on the barn floor textures, adding them now i thought i added everything, really sorry about that.

I have backed up and removed the files i don't need so finding things will be easier.

@0-0 can't please everyone about the building textures unfortunately, if i could simply restore the old versions to a better state without losing overall quality, i would i have with a couple of the higher res ones, but the strip textures are difficult

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