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Project Novo - Final Testing Phase


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Okay guys, it's here.

Final Test V1

Wombat also helped out by doing textures for M13 but I had already uploaded the file by the time I received it

so here you go as well:

Mission 13

What I NEED You To Do:

  • Download and 'install' the mod would be a good start :P
  • Check the Folder And make sure the Save file does not exist, if it does, get rid of it.
  • Test ALL Missions Thoroughly starting from M01-Iron Dragon. (Please omit Docks Day and Night from testing)
  • Note down what you have from the tests, be it compliments, problems or suggestions.
  • Once you have finished with the Origmiss Textures, go to the map folder and extract the Desert Siege maps- test them

If Possible could Someone also:

Type in on the console command of the game 'perf' and then 'toggleshowtexturememorystats' (sans quotes) and note down the data you get for each mission (this enables me to get an idea of system usage with Novo Active)

P.S if you don't put 'perf' in first, nothing particularly fancy happens.


Please let me know if there is ANY problems, whether it's crashing, or I was a dunderhead and forgot to remove the ground colour maps and you have a black and white ground, but please show respect for the time and effort put into this by me and wombat50, we are only human and mistakes are made (well, on my part anyway, Wombat50 is like god or something XD)

Also This thread is for Suggestions and analysis on the FINAL TESTING PHASE OF PROJECT NOVO hard data only please.

and yes, that big ass logo is neccessary :P

Test Away and please do!

Admin note: If possible, can you keep this topic separate from the original thread please, the original thread is for development only. thanks! :D

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Very good, I breezed through the levels real quick just to check them all out. The only major things that stuck out to me this far were....

-Caves The cliff face looks great but the second cliff face texture (The part that is mixed with the grass?) Didn't looked changed at all? I dunno if that was an error or not.

-Embassey tree by the bank has the Trunk texture displayed as part of the leaf geomtry. So big squares of bark are floating in the sky.

-On castle night there is one bush that you can clearly see the alpha channel not cutting out the white background of the tree.

Other then that I was rather impressed with the entire package. The sunflare, the lightning, the explosions. Overall a great job. With some final brushing up this is definitly a good mod to have on. Haven't got to try it with other mods though.

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oh lord, that sounds like the tree retexturing didn't go to plan :rofl: thanks for letting me know, I would have tested them myself if I could play the game without it crashing

the cliff face hasn't changed on that area, i will note that down on the list of things to do! :D

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My mistake on the water for M09 Swamp. Messed up the settings in the RSB Editor.

Here's the fix:


Place in:

\Project Novo Final Test Protoype\ Map\ m09_Swamp


Undecided about this tree on M14.


Maybe too much blue and a tad bright?

Rest of the trees seem fine to me on M14.

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Trees seem too bright on M02_Farm and M06 Castle night maps.

M11-POW_Camp is ok.


What follows has confused me so double check me before proceeding.

-Straw texture in the barn on M02_Farm (m02_barn_floor-hay01) is too light compared too the rest of the floor.

I think the texture the game reads is from DP02_Farm.

-In the DP02_Farm folder, I think 02_farm_grounddmdp02_farm_day2.rsb is experimental or working copy the game doesn't use.

On M04_Village the two story building model stretches the brick/ stone texture.

(No fault of yours)

Might lessen it by making it stucco?


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i'll have a look at the trees it's probably a darkmap thing if all the other maps are fine and the straw texture is a something i have been trying to fix since i spotted it months back, but i just can't figure it out.

and I think the zip need to be checked over again these things keep popping out of nowhere.

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Worked on the M02 straw some more and if not perfect it is much improved.

Had to rename the two files in question for M02 as they were being read from DP02.

Edited the map file with a hex editor to do that.

I'll upload the files later.

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I can certainly change the window and doorway size (something i forgot to do) but i'm unsure of the cut off problem, i'll do my best to try and resolve it as much as possible.

the 3rd and 4th from the bottom look like incorrect geometry on the map? i know there's a few instances of this on M1 i'll have a look at it either way, could be a black spot on the texture.

thanks for the update on this 0-0 much appreciated :D

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Here are some screenshots of Moscow.










Oh, and this whas of course just moscow. I will soon bring up all the fails with the other maps. This one was where i did spot few problems :D

Anyway, this gotta be incredible, keep it up alex! ;)

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