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Sick of playing alone


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Hello Guys!

Im a student in Germany but i speak English very well. I love Ghost Recon and i play the game since Advanced Warfighter. I got good Internet Connection and can play with Americans without lags. I got the original PS3 Microphone so i can talk with my Team members. Mostly i play with Assault Rifles like the TAR and A91 with grenade launcher. But i like the Scout too, love the P90 and looking forward unlocking the MSR/KSVK.

Here the level and top weapon on my classes.

Rifleman: Lv 36 / TAR-21 and A-91

Scout: Lv 28 / P90

Engineer: Lv2 / Any Shotgun

Im getting tomorrow the "Artic Strike" DLC and the "Khyber Strike" DLC. My PSN-ID is "Reyzuka" and i hope i hear some good replys.

See you on the Battlefield


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Hey man you still looking for someone to game? I'm looking for 2 more players to complete a squad or even just someone to game with every now and then. Been bored with these horrible cod players running around runnin and gunnin! looking for someone to play tactically with and who can take a joke. I have a mic and am level 17 im not amazing at this game or anything like that i would say im decent and know my way around so msg if interested!

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